Trends and Transitions: How Coworking Spaces Support the New Normal of Work

In a matter of weeks, the office landscape, as we know it, changed drastically. The community quarantine measures came with travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders. As a result, bedrooms became the main workplace, while teleconference sufficed for team huddles and client meetings. Put simply, the coronavirus crisis introduced a new normal of work.

Interestingly, the trends shaping the use of office space in this pandemic era give rise to the alternative work set-up that has experienced a boom before the virus hit: coworking. Whether you own a big or small business, it’s worth looking into this kind of arrangement when planning your strategy for coping with the new normal of work.

Experimenting with Remote Work

One emerging trend experts see is the decline of the permanent physical office. Before the corona crisis, businesses were already experimenting with remote work. Perhaps you yourself have allowed employees to work outside the office on certain days of the week. The pandemic hastened this transition, making work-from-home the only viable option given the stay-at-home policies.

As businesses realize that remote work is possible through technology, many will consider making it part of their operations even beyond the pandemic. Thus, the need for permanent physical office will gradually decline. While work-from-home is an option moving forward, some would opt to rent flexible workspaces, according to real estate consultancy firm Leechiu Properties. The reason? Budget and technology 

Calculating Costs of Traditional Office Spaces

Small businesses will flock to coworking spaces, as they try to save more on their budget to recover financial losses in the past months. Compared to a traditional office, flexible spaces from Regus Philippines and other providers are less expensive because the contract period can be three or six months. You won’t have to be locked in for three to five years, as in the case of the conventional office.

With some workers experiencing technical difficulties in their homes, businesses will look to coworking spaces for the technology amenities they offer to support operations. If you want to worry less on money matters and slow, lagging internet connection, coworking spaces are the right fit for your business.

Layouting for Physical Distancing 

Another trend in the use of office space is physical distancing being a core part of the workplace design. The open-floor plan will still be part of the new normal, as the layout would allow businesses to maximize their space. But since people will be spread out, the number of people an office can accommodate will be reduced. Colliers International Philippines predicts that split operations will happen, a portion of the workforce working in the main headquarters and then the rest at home or in a coworking space.

The latter will appeal more to teams that would need more collaboration. It’s easier to work on projects when you see each other face to face. If you’re working on a certain project for a short period of time, book meeting rooms in coworking spaces. 

In Regus Philippines, there are different kinds of meeting rooms you can get. There’s a venue equipped for videoconferencing and presentations, training, board meeting, interviews, and events.

Allowing for Collaboration 

Lastly, the most pressing issue in the new normal of work today is the need for a sense of fellowship. Yes, the pandemic has forced everyone to work from home, with fewer personal interactions with colleagues, that’s a given. But it’s also worth considering that the pandemic era is one of the loneliest times in history.

There’s an overwhelming crisis going on, leaving many anxious and stressed out. Unfortunately, one of the things that can help alleviate these concerns, being in the company of work colleagues, is also taken away. It’s no surprise that you’ve experienced lack of motivation, burnout, or simply a disconnect from others.

Coworking spaces, hinged on the virtue of community, can help in this matter. Providing a safe venue for coming and working together, as well as activities that forge relationships between professionals, these flexible spaces can be beneficial for your team.

Regus Philippines is known not just for their top-notch facilities but also their community-enriching activities. See if they fit your team’s needs.

The new normal of work is here. It’s shaped by technology and health and safety. As with any other kind of transition, it’s the businesses that adapt and innovate that succeed. Reach that success for yourself and your team by rising above the challenges of the new normal.


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