No Time to Sleep: How Much of Your Time Goes to the Daily Commute?

In this era where everyone is busy, a little downtime is a welcome treat, save for one kind: getting stuck in traffic. It is in no way relaxing. In fact, it only makes you more anxious thinking whether or not you’ll be able to clock in at work before your shift starts. And yet, the reality is that a lot of Filipinos have no choice but to be stuck in hellish traffic every day as they commute to work.

The Stress of Commuting

For sure, you’ve heard a story or two about the horrors of commuting. There’s forever in EDSA, as they say. The travel time from one congested area in Pasay or Alabang to another takes three to four hours. An average employee wakes up very early in the morning, just before the crowd lining up at the MRT thickens, and then goes back home extremely late after weathering the rush hour at the end of their shift. Put simply, the time that would have been spent sleeping in or relaxing at the balcony with the sunset view is wasted on the road. 

The stress you go through in commuting has real consequences in many respects. For one, it puts your physical health at risk. Lack of sleep results in fatigue, making you prone to headaches, dizziness, and weakened muscles. In the aspect of mental health, you’re more vulnerable to depression, as many studies attested, given the anxiety caused by a longer time on the road. Social life suffers, too. You’re less likely to have meaningful time with friends and loved ones when you’re overtired or constantly thinking about your commute the next day.

The bad news: the stress of commuting isn’t going anywhere. The good news is, you can avoid all of it with a simple, obvious fix: live near your work.

The Fix You Need

Condos are the most common option when it comes to homes near the workplace. Moving to vertical residences addresses all the hassles associated with commuting. The condos from Suntrust Properties, Inc., in particular, allow residents to keep up with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Here’s how:

Reducing Travel Time

Primarily designed to make city living easier, Suntrust condo towers are located in or near the busiest districts and therefore offices and other key establishments are only a few steps away.  Take, for example, their condo in Quezon City, Capitol Plaza. It’s located in Diliman–the heart of QC–and is near the popular Triangle Park, home to the biggest television networks in the country, ABS-CBN and GMA. 

Suntrust Capitol Plaza

Suntrust’s Shanata in Novaliches is highly accessible to public transportation, as it is linked to key roads, particularly the Mindanao Avenue and North Luzon Expressway. Meanwhile, Suntrust’s condo in Mandaluyong is close to Ortigas and Makati, which allows dwellers to go to offices in a jiff. 

Suntrust Shanata

When you choose to live in these condos, it means no more waking up three to four hours before your shift starts. You go to work refreshed, not stressed. 

Increasing Productivity

Condos are not only a few steps away from offices. They’re also near key establishments, such as schools, restaurants, malls, hospitals, and many more. One Lakeshore Drive, Suntrust’s condo in Davao, for instance, is close to the biggest malls in the southern region, allowing residents to buy groceries, do bank errands, and dine out, all without a hassle. It’s also near premier schools, such as Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai Int’l School, The Abba’s Orchard Montessori, and St. Patrick Math Science School.

One Lakeshore Drive

Suntrust Solana, a condo in Manila, is just a five-minute walk from Adamson University and a jeepney ride away from MAPUA and Colegio De San Juan de Letran. Manila Doctors Hospital and Medical Center Manila are near too, as well as the city’s most popular malls.

Suntrust Solana

Imagine so many tasks ticked off your to-do list with ease. Plus, you’re not only saving money on gas, but you’re also saving yourself from a lot of headaches. A condo for sale in a good location is a good fix to your commute woes.

Improving Relationships

Since you won’t have to be stuck in traffic for hours, you have lots of time to spend with your family and friends. Living in a condo takes relationship-building to the next level with its amenities. In Suntrust Asmara, you can bond with kids at the swimming pool, enjoy some peace and quiet with your spouse at the zen garden, or exercise with neighbors at the designated jogging paths. 

Suntrust Asmara

Meanwhile, in 88 Gibraltar, a Suntrust home located in Baguio, you can meet friends at the coffee shop, host parties at the multipurpose hall, and help your kids with their homework at the library. In other words, condo living will not just help you save time, but also allow you to make the most of it.

Suntrust 88 Gibraltar

Are you tired of the daily stress of commuting? There’s only one way to fix that problem: live near your work. Check out Suntrust’s condominiums for sale and start embracing the stress-free modern life.


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