Why You Should Save Up and Retire in the Philippines

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It’s never too early to think of retirement. In fact, now is the time to think of your retirement destination so that you can start working on your dream home with your family. As an OFW, you want your time abroad to count for something, and to make the most of your hard work, you want to find the perfect retirement destination. 

Look no further. Your home country might just have everything you’re looking for. 

Why Save Up and Retire in the Philippines?

There’s more to the Philippines than undeniably beautiful destinations worth the attention of the whole world. You can be more than a tourist in your home country if you choose to retire here. And in case you’re still undecided, these are just some of the reasons to convince you: 

1. Your Hard-earned Dollars will Go a Long Way

Living in the Philippines is relatively inexpensive compared to living in other parts of Asia. Savings in U.S. dollars, for example, can go a long way if spent well. 

The cost of living here is way more affordable than in other countries. According to Expatistan.com, staying in the Philippines is around 50-60% cheaper than living in Europe or America. And it is also 16-60% cheaper than living in China, Japan, or Australia. 

As a true-blooded Pinoy, you can always find cheaper alternatives to expensive products, so that you can pamper yourself without wasting your hard-earned cash.

2. Your Kababayans Will Welcome You Back with Open Arms

What makes the Philippines your home even while you’re away is its people. Filipinos are known for being hospitable, and it’s something you’ll miss when you’re working abroad. No one else offers visitors their best bed and pillowcase, their best food and utensils. 

OFWs coming back to the Philippines for a vacation are reminded of these hospitable traits, coupled with the happy disposition that greets you every time. When you’re around your family, it’s almost like you never left!

3. You’ll Live Near World-class Destinations

There are only two climates in the Philippines—the wet and the dry season. Half of the year is sunny while the other half is raining. This means you can enjoy chilling at the beach and enjoying the sunshine–activities that foreigners only get to experience when they’re on vacation. 

The Philippines is also an archipelago with 7,641 islands, which means you can take your foreign friends to a lot of beaches, surf areas, or mountains to visit. You can even choose to retire right next to the beach or stay and chill in the city close to big shopping malls.

OFWs who have gotten a taste of the world can go home to a place in the Philippines that can still remind you of your favorite country. In short, you have the freedom to whatever kind of lifestyle you want.

4. Your Children can Grow up with Filipino Values

For OFWs contemplating whether to retire in the Philippines or not, this can be a convincing reason. Filipinos are proud of the values their parents have instilled in them growing up. You can teach the same values even to your children born overseas. Worried about how they’ll fit in? The Filipinos are taught the English language since their pre-school days, so your children will be able to converse with ease–all while learning your mother tongue. 

5. There Are Different Kinds of Investment Opportunities

According to WorldBank.org, the economy of the Philippines remains strong this year despite some hurdles. The inflation is at 1.7% and is said to be the lowest rate in three years. And from 5.3% in 2018, the country now has a 5.8% growth. 

OFWs who want to retire and come home to the Philippines want to make their money work for them. The Philippines has a booming real estate sector to invest in, or you can also be the proud owner of your own business in your preferred location.  

6. It’s Home 

Do you really need other reasons? No matter how long you’ve been away from the Philippines when you go back for good, it will still feel like home. You can reconnect with your childhood friends and visit places you used to love when you were younger. Maybe your hometown can even be the location of your future home, which you can start looking for at the Lamudi Housing Fair in MOA on December 14, 2019. 

This is a one-day event at the Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia, which is made for OFWs this Christmas. Find your next home at the best prices as you check out different property developers and their offerings in this event. 

Now that you know what makes the Philippines perfect for retirement, it’s time to start working on your saving goals so you can retire comfortably! 


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