Rising Region: What Makes Southern Luzon Attractive?

If you’ve been following real estate trends lately, you know that location preferences have changed drastically amid the pandemic. In the recently concluded Lamudi roundtable discussion, titled On the Horizon: Real Estate Leaders on Market Recovery, property experts say that most aspiring homeowners today choose to be in mixed-use developments, so they can easily get what they need and want, from food to groceries to healthcare by just stepping outside of their village. 

Then, there’s also the trend of business owners looking at provincial cities to sustain operations and maximize the benefits of the national government’s push to build, build, build outside the capital region. Location is king in this time of the pandemic. 

While many areas have been emerging as popular lately, one region has remained steadfast in garnering interest among property buyers even before the pandemic: Southern Luzon. If you’re planning to invest in real estate soon, whether as your next home or your income property, Region IV-A or CALABARZON, in particular, is something you should consider in your options.

The Region’s Growing Attractiveness

The southern tip of Luzon has become a real estate investment hotspot in the last few years. These factors drive its increasing appeal:

Proximity to Metro Manila

CALABARZON is one of the closest regions to the capital. Even though you’re outside the city, you can easily access all that the metropolis has to offer, from the most satisfying retail therapy in sprawling shopping malls to top-notch healthcare services from the country’s leading hospitals.

While you can easily jump into the hustle and bustle of the city, you can still experience the peace and quiet in this location, precisely because you’re outside of the big metropolis. In a way, dwellers are able to experience the best of both worlds: the cosmopolitan feel of a big city and the tranquility of being away from the urban jungle. 

Modernity of developments

The progressive lifestyle of the metropolis spills over to the provinces in CALABARZON. If you’ll consider the integrated communities in this region, such as the likes of Nuvali, they’re teeming with modern amenities you’d normally see in the capital.

What’s most appealing in these modern developments is the abundance of open spaces, something you won’t find in Metro Manila. Roads are wider. Residential neighborhoods feature community parks. Trees line the business districts.

The boom in infrastructure projects

As mentioned, the national government has been building essential facilities in the area of CALABARZON. One of the significant infrastructures is the Cavite-Laguna Expressway. More projects are in the pipeline, including the PNR South Commuter Line, MRT-4, LRT-1 Cavite extension, and Sangley Airport. 

With these developments increasing the connectivity and accessibility in the region, the location will be even more of a property hotspot.

Best Locations for Real Estate Investments

If you’ve been considering CALABARZON as the next destination for your real estate investment, below are some specific areas worth considering:

Lipa, Batangas

Around 80 kilometers south of Manila, this first-class city is among the top 10 next wave cities the government named. It’s a municipality expected to grow in investments as the business process outsourcing industry (BPO) in the locale thrives. While emerging as a regional center, the city manages to retain its rural charm, as it houses a number of old churches and retreat facilities. Finding a home here, you can easily hustle and relax at the same time. 

Calamba, Laguna

While this city gained fame for being the hometown of our national hero, Calamba is more than a historic municipality. It houses vibrant industries, with manufacturing as one of its biggest revenue contributors. Calamba Premiere International Park, a pioneer industrial park in the Philippines, is in this province. If you invest in a home or a rental property here, you can enjoy the economic benefits of living in a progressive city.

Check out properties in Calamba. 

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Like its neighbor, Sta. Rosa houses economic zones that pump up its economy. Some of these include Laguna Technopark, Sta. Rosa Commercial IT Park, Greenfield Automotive Park, and Lakeside EvoZone. It was in 2007 that this city surpassed the P1-billion mark in terms of revenue. Because of its growing potential, it was also among the top 10 next wave cities the government identified. If you want to move into an upscale community with a tranquil, peaceful environment, Sta. Rosa may just be the perfect fit.

Check out properties in Sta. Rosa. 

General Trias, Cavite

In Lamudi’s 2019 trend report, General Trias saw an increase in population due to people migrating to the area and maximizing work opportunities and promising residential options. There are over 2,500 commercial establishments in the area, belonging to different industries, such as banking and retail. 

In the same way, the municipality is home to economic districts, such as Gateway Business Park, Cavite Export Processing Zone, and New Cavite Industrial City. If you’re also on the lookout for good livelihood opportunities, as well as nice residential neighborhoods, Gen. Trias is a good place to consider.

Check out properties in General Trias. 

Southern Luzon is indeed a property hotspot. It’s certainly a region you should keep an eye on when you’re searching for a nice residence or an excellent rental investment. Browse through our listings to see your options.


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