Renovation Ideas to Improve Comfort in Your House this Rainy Season

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The rainy season is here again. As PAGASA confirmed on June 12, tropical depression and thunderstorms will be more frequent in the coming days and months. What this means, as a homeowner, is your house will be challenged by the weather changes and you’re in some serious safety risks if your home is not calamity-ready. Your residence shouldn’t just be a home sweet home: it’s supposed to be a safe haven from disasters and health risks. 

Just before the storms shake up the country, do some last-minute spruce-up in your home to improve your family’s safety and security throughout the rainy season. Here are some ideas you should consider:

Repair Your Roof

Watch out for any signs of damage, such as holes, leaks, and cracked or missing shingles. If you see discoloration or sagging in your ceilings, this could also indicate roof problems due to pooling of water. In these scenarios, have a professional over to get the roof repaired. Be ready for some additional costs if the entire thing needs to be replaced.

At the same time, don’t forget the rain gutters. There should be no blockages in these fixtures. You don’t want water gathering on the roof surface and causing water issues, such as leaks and mold. That said, clean the gutters, removing debris, such as leaves and tree branches. You can use a plastic scoop to get these out and then a garden hose to flush the remaining dirt.

Speaking of trees, watch out for those that are near your residence. They may cause damage to your roofs when storms hit. Prune those long branches, if necessary.

Repaint Your Walls

The rainy season lasts until November. While you can certainly change your home’s color palette even during the wet climate, it may be a little harder to pull off that project as the paint takes longer to dry. That said, if you want a change in scenery in your space, paint the walls now before the storms come. 

The best material is latex elastomeric paint, since it makes the walls waterproof. If you’re not yet sure what hue to use, try one corner of the house first, let it sit for a day or two, and see if you could commit to it for the rest of the space.

If there are bubbles and cracks in your wall paint, address the reason behind those problems before repainting. In most instances, the cause is moisture, heat, or dirt and grime.

Add Greenery in Your Home

The rainy season, unfortunately, brings not only bad weather but also pesky little mosquitoes. With stagnant water becoming increasingly common, the insects find perfect breeding grounds. While you make every effort to avoid cans and bottles that house these mosquitoes, add another layer of protection by having insect-repellent plants.

With that, add greenery in your backyard. Citronella and lemongrass are good choices. Use the latter to make your sinaing smell good. Geranium is another good option. It will not just keep insects away but also add visual appeal to your home because of its bright, cheery color. Plant mint as well. While this smells good to you, it’s apparently appalling for mosquitoes, making it the perfect greenery for your home during the rainy season.

Replace Your Appliances

Constant rains bring excessive dampness and moisture in your place. You know well that this won’t be good for your appliances. This may cause electric hazards. To prevent safety risks, have a professional check your fittings and appliances before the rainy season. Clean them with a dry cloth. If there are wires, switches, plugs, and equipment that aren’t in excellent condition anymore, replace them. 

When buying new ones, go for energy-efficient technologies. Find appliances bearing a high number on the EER or EEF (Energy Efficiency Ratio or Energy Efficiency Factors) label. For televisions, consider those that have a power-saving mode. In refrigerators and air conditioners, choose the one that has inverter technology, as they have better temperature controls, and therefore lower operating expenses. With new appliances, you can ensure reduced electrical safety risks, as well as comfort and convenience for the family.

The rainy season is here. How have you been preparing your home? Can your family count on it being safe all throughout the year? If you haven’t made improvements or upgrades yet, now is the time to do so. 


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