Refurbish Your Home without Breaking the Bank

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Renovating a home is never an easy job. It requires your savings and effort to fully execute tasks such as buying materials from the hardware and doing manual labor work. Your biggest concern lies in the goal to revamp your house with a tight budget.

To fund your refurbishment project, you may consider applying for a personal loan. Plus, there are lots of fun house renovation ideas that you can easily afford. Here are some of them:

  1. Brighten your home with natural light to avoid costly windows

Large glass windows are often used to let natural light inside a house. However, it is quite costly to add a window for it demands you to put a hole in an existing wall and mount window frames. Use light pipes for transmitting or distributing natural light inside your house. These tubular skylights cost three times less than a regular window. Choosing light pipes is a cost-effective option to transport light from one place to another.

  1. Inform your contractor about your budget

Communicating with your contractor and being honest about budget restraints can help you save money. It also allows the contractor to team up with you in remodeling the house using cost-saving ideas. With this, your home renovation laborer can provide a list of materials and equipment that you can buy at a cheaper price. For example, since flooring is expensive, your contractor can make a few calls and ask hardware stores if they have leftover tiles and affordable flooring options.

  1. Cut back expenses by doing simple tasks by yourself

Refurbishing your home can be physically strenuous and financially challenging for it involves a range of tasks like demolishing, cleaning, and adding finishing touches. For major and complicated tasks like demolishing or adding new fixtures, professional assistance is required. For simple tasks like cleaning up, you can save money by doing it yourself. You can also paint the walls on your own. Just ensure you can accomplish it without noticeable mistakes because it can cost you more money to repair the mess.

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  1. Watch DIY lessons

Aside from doing simple tasks yourself, you can also search for basic do-it-yourself workshops in local DIY stores. You can also check the web for DIY resources, ideas, forums, and how-to guides of your choice. Search for detailed tasks processes and in-depth instructional videos on skill-sharing websites. If you have friends who have expertise on various renovation tasks, approach and talk to them now. Politely ask them to teach you how to do certain home renovation works.

  1. Set up a working bee for easy jobs

After asking your friends to teach you some techniques, you can also ask them to help you accomplish easy renovation jobs. Your family can lend a hand as well. They can help paint, build a fence, do landscaping, strip and polish floorboards, or assemble a flat-pack kitchen. Getting a working bee can be paid with a few drinks and some BBQ. Renovating your house with your family and friends is also a way of bonding. Enjoy it while being productive and making progress on your home.

  1. Choose cheap yet good quality furniture

Shopping for new furniture can be fun but once you consider your budget, it can put you in a lot of stress. You’re often frustrated comparing each price and specifications. To ease your distress, you can always go to the nearest second-hand store and junk shop where you can find decent and useable fixtures that are still of good quality. If you have desired designs for your furniture, you can go to a carpenter in your area and have them replicate a version of a reasonably-priced classy furniture.

  1. Start planning and canvassing materials early

Overspending occurs when you shop last-minute. Sticking to your budget means starting to canvass house renovation materials from various home centers and hardware stores.  This can help you compare the prices and select appliances and fixtures that meet your allocated budget. You can also contact a contractor or laborer beforehand to know their rates. With these preparations, you won’t experience the trouble refurbishment can bring for you have anticipated all factors that may hinder the process.

Following these steps can help you avoid breaking the bank while renovating your home. There are more house remodeling ideas you can keep an eye on but always consider if these are budget-friendly because that is your ultimate goal.


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