PRC Online Oathtaking: Guidelines for New Board Passers

The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) implemented the online oathtaking application and ceremony as a solution to the restrictions brought by the pandemic.

Inductees attending must ensure their set-up area has a reliable internet connection and is free of any interruptions and background noise to preserve the ceremony's solemnity.

Inductees who failed to participate on the specified date despite the successful appointment can still schedule another appointment.

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The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) Oathtaking is important for professionals who pass the licensure exam. This is a commitment and oath of loyalty to standards and ideals consistent with the profession. From doctors, engineers, and real estate brokers, the oathtaking is a necessary step to become full-fledged professionals. To become a real estate broker in the Philippines, brokers are required to get a pass the licensure exam. Successful passers should also attend the oath-taking ceremony before getting the real estate broker license. They can do so virtually through the PRC Online Oathtaking. 

As the country continues to adapt to modern technology, the government implies various modern systems to provide Filipinos with convenience. One of these is the PRC Online Oathtaking. On August 3, 2020, the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) implemented the online oathtaking application and the virtual special oathtaking ceremony under PRC Resolution No. 1255 as a solution to the restrictions brought by the pandemic. 

Highlights of Resolution No. 1255 Series of 2020

Administering a mass oathtaking was delayed due to the limitations imposed on large gatherings during community quarantines. To enable new board passers to register and begin practicing during the health crisis, the Commission utilized digital tools and commenced the performance of specific oathtaking services. Hence, the implementation of Section 7(a) of Republic Act (RA) No. 8981, also known as the PRC Modernization Act of 2000.

To sum it up, here are some of the highlights of Resolution No. 1255 that enabled online oathtaking:

  • Administration of mass virtual or online oathtaking via the Licensure Examination and Registration Information online system. The Information and Communication Technology Service (ICTS) created a module for processing applications for online oathtaking.
  • Resolution No. 1130 (s.2018) of the Commission establishes the rules for mass and special oathtaking procedures. The Professional Regulatory Boards (PRBs) may utilize the services of PRC officers and provide administrative assistance to the oathtaking process. 
  • Office Order No. 601 was also issued, approving officers and representatives the Oath of Professionalism on behalf of the Commission when mass and special oaths were administered without the PRBs present.

Online PRC Online Oathtaking Appointment and Log-In Process 


Candidates should sign in to their account at and choose “e-OATH” for authentication.


Applicants must then submit their application and Notices of Admission (NOA) number to obtain a schedule for the online oathtaking. Only those who passed the test can continue with the scheduled time and date for their online transaction.


The applicant will receive a confirmation and link. The email will then contain the video conference’s password and invitation link conference. Oaths are strictly confidential, and induscteed shouldn’t discuss them with anybody else.

Requirements for Formality

Oath of Professional

Prior to the planned online oathtaking induction ceremony, inductees must print the Oath of Professional form. This is accessible through PRC Online Services.


The inductees must download and familiarize themselves with the MS Teams application before the ceremony. 

Set up Area

Inductees attending the PRC Online Oathtaking must ensure their set-up area has a reliable internet connection. The area should also be free of any interruptions and background noise to preserve the ceremony’s solemnity.

Dress Code

Inductees, for propriety reasons, should wear business or formal attire during the ceremony. For men, pants with a collared shirt to a full suit and tie. 

Male Dress Code PRC Online Oathtaking: Guidelines for New Board Passers

On the other hand, women can wear a formal cocktail dress or a well-fitted, black, navy, gray, or brown suit. Suits come in two variations: skirt suits and pantsuits.

Female Dress Code PRC Online Oathtaking: Guidelines for New Board Passers


Each inductee must use a white backdrop (white background) throughout the ceremony. 

Protocols Before the PRC Online Oathtaking Ceremony

  • When the ceremony’s designated time and date arrive, inductees must use the invitation URL supplied at any time one (1) hour before the ceremony starts to verify their identities. For example, if the PRC Online Oathtaking is at 10:00 AM, inductees should open the invitation anytime between 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM for screening.
  • No inductee shall be admitted fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony’s scheduled start time.
  • The video URL will lead them to a lobby (virtual waiting room), where they will wait until the host or administrator allows them to enter the primary room for video conferences.
  • Inductees can log in and join the network using a single device for a video conference. Those whose names will appear more than once will be assumed to have shared the link. As such, they are dismissed from the video conference and won’t be readmitted. However, they can still schedule another appointment.

Proper Ceremony Protocols

Program Flow

  1. Invocation
  2. Nation’s Hymn
  3. Welcome Comments
  4. The Inductees’ Roll Call
  5. The Professional’s Oath will be read aloud and administered by any authorized Administering Officer or the PRBs.
  6. Closing remarks

Proper Decorum

Inductees must observe proper decorum during the oathtaking event. Inductees should refrain from making phone calls, yelling, or engaging in any other action that could interrupt the ceremony. No other individual or thing will be filmed besides the inductee at any point in the video conference.

Individuals with connections interrupted after the oath are administered will be deemed to have completed the ceremony and marked as having done so by the RO.

Removal From the Video Conference

Inappropriate, rude, or improper behavior while watching the video will result in the removal from the video conference. It will be a failure to fulfill the oath requirement prior to the professional registration of the inductee. This inductee could, nevertheless, still make another appointment.

Attendance Verification

Inductees must finish the ceremony. Aside from the system-generated attendance list, they can record the oathtaking using a screenshot or camera displaying themselves. This can serve as evidence of their participation.

Failure to Participate in the Ceremony

Inductees who failed to participate on the specified date despite the successful appointment can still schedule another appointment. The appointment will also have the same procedure as the abovementioned guidelines.

Recording of the Ceremony 

For confirmation and documentation, the PRC RO’s MS will record the video conference for recording purposes.

Real Estate Brokers Online Oathtaking

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) notifies the new real estate appraisers and salespeople that the online oathtaking will be conducted on February 17 and 24, 2023, 10:00 A.M at 10:00 A.M. PRC-Pagadian will be in charge of the process through Microsoft Teams.

Online platforms have become normalized in different fields to cater to modern demands. Even in real estate, online platforms like Lamudi have become the trend for those who wish to buy a house for sale or look for rental properties in the comforts of their home.

That said, it is imperative that we embrace and familiarize ourselves with the different online platforms that aim to make our lives easier.

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