Post-Pandemic Work Trends That Make Investments in CBDs Worth It

There’s no doubt that the pandemic shook the status quo of work. Since the outbreak began, the way we accomplish our tasks has never been the same. From where we work to how we collaborate with team members, everything has changed.

Moving forward into the post-pandemic era, as vaccination rollouts in the country accelerate, we will see that many of the changes we experienced over the past year would shape how the workplace would look in the next couple of years. This modern-day evolution of the workplace should be a top consideration for those who are looking to invest in a property, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). For starters, it should direct your attention to the central business districts (CBDs).

If you’re eyeing to invest your hard-earned money on properties here in your home country, take note of these post-pandemic work trends that make investments in the CBDs worth it:

Hybrid Work

The most notable change the pandemic brought to the work culture is remote work. As staying within your bubble became the norm, work-from-home has taken off. With the pandemic revealing that it’s possible to keep operations afloat even with employees miles apart, the remote set-up is likely to stay. However, the future of work won’t be exclusively remote.

As some employees need a reliable internet connection and a few meetings require in-person interactions, offices are more likely to adopt a hybrid kind of work arrangement. Some employees work remotely, while others operate in the office. Some would have their work days at home, as the rest of the week would be in the actual workplace.

The rise of the hybrid work would compel property seekers, especially professionals, to seek residences within CBDs. Living in close proximity to their offices, they can easily report to the workplace whenever they’re needed. That said, invest in condos in cities hosting CBDs. Vista Residences, the condo development arm of Vista Land, has premium projects in these locations:

  1. Pasig: The Currency, The Spectrum, Cerritos Residences
  2. Mandaluyong: Vista Shaw
  3. Makati: Mosaic and KL Tower (Legaspi Village), Salcedo Square (Salcedo Village), and Trevi Towers (Pasong Tamo)
  4. Taguig: Avant at the Fort and The Courtyard

Other than their proximity to offices in the metro, these condos feature connectivity amenities, which accommodate work-from-home needs. Consider these residential projects when building your investment portfolio.

The Currency and The Spectrum – Artist’s Illustration

Workcations (Working Vacations)

As work becomes more flexible, allowing professionals to do their jobs remotely, workcations will become more common. It’s happening now. For sure, you’ve seen some of your colleagues taking Zoom calls and conducting presentations from vacation destinations, by the beach, or on a cruise.

While some professionals would really go out of town or the country to realize their workcation dreams, some who are still wary of traveling would take advantage of the amenities right within their community. For this reason, it’s important to look for an investment property that offers an array of recreational facilities. The good thing about condos in CBDs is that they often come with such leisure amenities.

For instance, in Vista Shaw located in Mandaluyong, a rooftop pool offers a refreshing dip not only from its cool waters, but also with the majestic city views reminiscent of sky lounges in high-end hotels abroad, as well as the magnificent view of the Wack Wack Golf Course—a sight of greeneries to behold in the middle of the busy cityscape. Avant at the Fort in Taguig boasts of a sky garden, which would also treat your tenants to breathtaking landscapes and sceneries. Vista Residences’ The Currency, meanwhile, has an al fresco area, which elevates residents’ dining experience.

Stepping inside the units of Vista Residences condominiums, you will find features that make room for future residents’ leisure activities. Each has flexible layouts, with some even offering balconies. Your tenants can easily convert one bedroom into a mini gym or the balcony into a garden or an outdoor lounge.

If you want your next investment property to be a hit among professionals looking for workcation-ready accommodations, the residential projects mentioned are worth considering.

Vista Shaw’s Swimming Pool – Actual Photo

View of Wack Wack Golf Course from Vista Shaw – Actual Photo

Wellness Priority

Because of the pandemic, there will be greater emphasis on health and well-being in workplaces. Post-crisis, it’s expected that many companies will maintain health protocols, as they strengthen wellness programs for employees. This will influence workers’ psyche, in that they will also prioritize health at home. It’s likely that they will be on the lookout for developments that have proactive, responsive property management to ensure that their well-being is prioritized. Condos in the CBDs lead in this niche.

The vertical developments of Vista Residences, for one, are supervised by the world-class property management agency, Globalland. The company offers top-notch housekeeping, sanitation, and safety management solutions that you can have the peace of mind that your future tenants will be in good hands.

Since the pandemic, the property management introduced a No Mask, No Entry policy, mandatory thermal scanning and alcohol spraying, and social distancing in common areas, such as the elevators. With this level of commitment amid a pandemic, you can expect tedious observance of health protocols moving forward into the post-crisis world.

The way we accomplish jobs continuously evolves as the world copes with the pandemic. As an investor, your property choices must accommodate emerging work trends and demands. Put your hard-earned money in condos in the CBDs. If you’re interested to know more about Vista Residences, visit its development page on Lamudi or go to


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