OFW Investment Tip: Consider a Foreclosed Property in Taguig

Being an OFW is temporary, but your financial gain can be long-term. This is true if you decide to invest your hard-earned money. But the question is, where? 

It’s already been established that investing in real estate is smart. It’s tangible, so you physically see where your money is going. It’s upgradable, so you can further improve cash flow. Foreclosed properties in Taguig are among the best options for OFWs because of the great opportunities they offer now and in the future:

Here are some of them:

Better Living Environment

Buying a home can be an excellent investment if you need and want to have your own place. Purchasing a home helps you build equity, which is hard to achieve if you stay in a rented unit. In Taguig, foreclosed condos present the opportunity for you and your family to live a more comfortable life, build wealth, and attain a lasting legacy. 

OFWs would agree that living in Taguig is quite similar to living in migrant-rich countries. Canada, the USA, Singapore, and European areas are desirable destinations with economic prosperity and higher living standards. Fortunately, you can witness the same in Taguig, particularly in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). 

Walking around BGC, you’ll find numerous upscale restaurants, cafes, malls, and name-brand shops. International schools are also nearby and so are local and multinational corporations.

Within the area, here are some condos with foreclosed units worth checking out:

  • Two Serendra: a refreshing condo home with access to a central water park and an array of indoor and outdoor amenities 
  • The Icon Residences: a luxury condo offering hotel-style amenities and easy access to BGC offices and hangout places 
  • Fort Victoria Condominium: an elegant tri-tower condo that’s walking distance from the Net One Office building and has easy access to McKinley Road 
  • Forbeswood Heights: a 6-tower condo community known for its country club lifestyle and proximity to malls and medical institutions
  • Fort Palm Spring Condominium: a 28-floor residential condo near banks, restaurants, convenient stores, and Burgos Circle

Increasing Property Prices

Within Taguig, you can expect that condos in BGC are the quickest to appreciate. The nearby schools, businesses, and lifestyle destinations all contribute to the fast-rising values of these properties. 

Another area in Taguig worth exploring for investments is McKinley Hill, a master-planned community featuring condos with a European feel. This mixed-use development also hosts international companies, foreign embassies, and commercial strips. 

It’s no wonder that the following properties can offer promising investment returns after a couple of years: 

Meanwhile, properties outside BGC and McKinley Hill could also appreciate faster than most properties in Metro Manila. After all, they’re still easily accessible from central business districts, plus condo demand in these areas has been increasing

Comparing the prices of foreclosed condos within the business districts and those outside of them, here are the price ranges you can expect:

  • Foreclosed condos in BGC: P6.5 to P18.8 million
  • Foreclosed condos in McKinley: P6.8 to P12.6 million
  • Foreclosed condos outside BGC and McKinley: P4.1 to P6.7 million

Hence, those looking for more affordable properties that still offer better living conditions and price appreciation may explore areas outside BGC and McKinley Hill. These include barangay Bambang which has these 67-sqm and 75-sqm condo units, and barangay Ususan with a one-bedroom unit costing below P5 million and a condo property near BGC.

Ready for Use 

The ability to move in as soon as possible is one of the best advantages of foreclosure investing in Taguig. And if you’re buying a unit from a reputable bank, you’ll also benefit from the convenience of purchasing a property and taking a loan in one place. 

It’s worth noting, however, that foreclosures may require repairs or updates. But these shouldn’t take a lot of time and extra fees if you choose a property that looks good as new. 

How to buy a foreclosure without hurting your budget, you ask? Here’s a more in-depth guide to check out. If you mainly prioritize location, these location-focused tips can also help.

Being the diligent overseas worker you are, you deserve an investment that will keep you and your family financially protected even if you stay here in the Philippines for good. 

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