Capital City in Focus: Why There’s No Place like Manila

A global survey revealed that Manila was one of 2022’s best cities in the world. In the same year, it ranked as the second most competitive highly urbanized city in the Philippines, showcasing its dominance in innovation and infrastructure improvements.


All these, along with cultural dynamism, make the city an ideal location for property investment. Here are more reasons why the capital city is a place beyond compare:

Inspiring Old World Charm 

Suntrust Ascentia reflects Manila’s timeless beauty and elegant heritage (Artist’s Perspective).

Manila is always buzzing with a mix of cultures spanning different historical periods. This is evident when looking at the city’s notable landmarks, such as Intramuros, San Agustin Church, Jones Bridge, and Binondo. The neoclassical architecture, European Baroque design, and fortified walls are reminders of how the city thrived through the years. Its glorious past is likewise alive in Santa Ana, Manila, where civilians sought refuge during war times. 

Recognized as the “Forbes Park of Manila,” Santa Ana is home to many ancestral houses. Existing along these are towering developments that indicate the city’s economic growth. Manila’s role in the past as the center of trading activities continues, which means owning a property here can yield attractive returns. 

Energizing Modernity

Suntrust Ascentia’s features are geared toward enhancing comfort and safety (Artist’s Perspective).

The presence of new condo projects in Manila, such as Suntrust Ascentia, is a sign of positive development. The city is keeping up with the smart way to build and provide housing options, which is vertically. 

Vertical developments like Suntrust Ascentia also take advantage of the city’s strategic location. The project is near three other key cities in Metro Manila: Makati, Mandaluyong, and San Juan. Suntrust Ascentia is specifically located in New Panaderos St., Santa Ana, Manila, with 24/7 access to land transportation going to the different parts of the metro.

Driven by modernity, Suntrust Ascentia by Suntrust Properties, Inc. is keeping pace with the future while preserving the past. The project can be considered a city landmark for having an architectural design inspired by Filipino heritage. It takes cues from the original headquarters of GSIS in Arroceros, Manila, designed by Federico Ilustre, who also worked on post-war architectural structures.

With well-crafted studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units, Suntrust Ascentia answers the urban dwellers’ demand for enhanced comfort and convenience. No need to worry about having enough space, whether you’re in Manila to expand career opportunities, start a family, or forge stronger bonds with loved ones.

Stimulating Experiences

The leisure facilities of Suntrust Ascentia inspire residents to live a fuller life (Artist’s Perspective).

There’s no place like Manila because here you can settle in a bustling city while indulging in its preserved beauty and heritage. Mornings can start with leisurely breakfast meals; nighttime can be welcomed by witnessing majestic sunset views.

Intramuros tours are a must-try for lovers of history. Exploring the National Museum Complex or going on a Binondo food trip are some outdoor activities to try in Manila. 

Meanwhile, in the city’s up-and-coming residential communities, there seems to be a different world to explore. In Suntrust Ascentia, for instance, state-of-the-art amenities abound. Get together with loved ones and like-minded individuals at the condo’s landscaped areas, outdoor lounge, and pool lounge. For business-minded and career-driven residents, there’s a function hall and a multi-purpose area suitable for corporate events and casual get-togethers. 

Exciting Future Ahead 

Suntrust Ascentia Vicinity Map
The prime location of Suntrust Ascentia increases your chances of attracting potential renters.

Excitement about condo investing is building up as demand for vertical properties bounced back in 2022. In Manila, pre-selling condos present an opportunity for investors to acquire properties with light payment terms. 

Additionally, pre-selling projects like Suntrust Ascentia can increase in value year after year. If you use the unit as a rental property, you can charge higher monthly rates after the turnover. Suntrust Ascentia’s location in Manila, near commercial hubs and tourist attractions, also invokes the possibility of future tenants lining up for your listing. 

The condo project is one of the newest developments that will help Manila ascend to an even higher state of progress. Concurrently, it provides an avenue for budding and seasoned investors alike to improve cash flow. Suntrust Ascentia notably emphasizes the importance of safety and convenience for unit owners, providing round-the-clock security, property management services, and limited access to residential floors through keycard-enabled elevators. 

For a high-income-generating and safe investment in Manila, consider Suntrust Ascentia.



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