Nicole Scherzinger’s Home is a Vision

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When half-Pinay former Pussycat Doll member and global entertainer Nicole Scherzinger walked into the original version of the home she now occupies in one of the elevated parts of Los Angeles, what got her was the view. Scherzinger says in an interview with Architectural Digest, “I wanted a house with a view overlooking Los Angeles. I want people to be able to see the view as soon as they come in.” 

Save for the setting, what Scherzinger found most appealing in her current home is what almost every Filipino would like for a vacation home, and if they can afford it, their everyday home. Places like Tagaytay, Antipolo and even Baguio are popular tourist or wedding destinations because of the fantastic views they offer. With millions of records sold and an Olivier-nominated stint in Broadway, Scherzinger certainly worked hard enough to create her dream Los Angeles home, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows in nearly every room in the house. 

Light and Airy Rooms: Every Filipino’s Dream

Nicole Scherzinger shows off her kitchen. Screenshot from Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel.

Los Angeles is known for its almost-perfect weather, and Scherzinger’s home certainly takes advantage of that. The dining room (above), which is the main floor of the four-storey home, has a light and airy feel especially when the sun is out. She’s been living in her home for almost two years now, and a very Filipino trait is evident in almost every corner: hospitality. Scherzinger is incredibly proud of the dining table she designed together with an LA-based furniture designer, made of strong wood which still sports its natural shape, but modernized to look more sleek and smooth. It’s perfect for dinner parties and guests. 

Adjacent to the dining room is the kitchen, which sports a giant marbled island complete with swiveling chairs, designed for a wine night with girlfriends while munching on cheese and grapes. Scherzinger is practically giddy describing the kitchen, as she was also hands-on in choosing the wooden storage spaces and marble counters. 

Hands-on in Home Construction

Screenshot from Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel.

Scherzinger was basically hands-on in all aspects of the home, including all the art that is currently displayed around the house. She laughingly admits that she can be a control freak. “I love art, and I love collaborating with a lot of artists, so a lot of the art in the house is actually commissioned.” Her favorite piece is a classic retina, which if you look closely, has a slice through in the middle of it. She called up the artist to ask what happened, and she was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was the mother of the artist that had it sewn back together. “I loved it. For me, it represents how moms always put things back together, and I know my mom is my everything.” 

Much like every Filipino home, the den in Scherzinger’s home is one of her favorite rooms: it’s cozy, it’s where she can Netflix and chill, watch the sunset (of course, it also has a view!) and it even has bookshelves — the contents of which reflect a lot of her personality and heritage. The couches are meant for you to sink into and stay for hours just relaxing the worries of the day away. 

Mixing Comfort and Privacy

Nicole Scherzinger’s cozy bedroom. Screenshot from Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel.

Despite being a deeply private person, Scherzinger was very open in sharing that she grew up in a small home in Hawaii (where she was raised) which is why her bedroom has a very cozy, intimate feel. It’s smaller than most other rooms in the house, which is exactly how she likes it — it reminds her of her humble beginnings and being comfortable in small spaces such as the one she lived in as a child. It’s still designed to have a modernized bed and headboard, and has enough space for her to move around. And yes, it still has a view. 

Being the global star that she is, Scherzinger has a special place for her piano (how very Pinoy of her!), her plaques and awards, and an indoor and outdoor lounge perfect for entertaining her guests. Of course, there’s everyone’s dream: her own private theater adorned with posters of her favorite movies or ones that she appeared in. 

It’s no wonder Scherzinger takes pride in the home that she built. “I’m not home very often, but when I’m home, I like to stay here and just have friends over for a barbeque. I always want everything in my house to be very clean and chic, but at the same time be very comfy.” 

With a view in every room of the house, it’s safe to say Scherzinger got what she wanted.

Main photo via Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel. 


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