Is your neighborhood walkable?

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When it comes to choosing your new home, location is one of the most crucial facts that you are going to consider. Making sure that the amenities you will use often are nearby and of high quality is important. However, it is the fact whether the neighborhood is walkable or not, that determines the cost of a property.

Lamudi takes a closer look at what it is like to live in a walkable neighborhood and what key elements it encompasses.


Proximity to amenities

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Proximity to high quality amenities add value to the neighborhood and the property. But it is not only about how close parks, entertainment venues and grocery stores are, it is also about whether there are good schools in the area. This fact will be very important if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Walkable neighborhood is a sustainable neighborhood, meaning that the less time you spend commuting to work, the better it is for environment. This adds value to the neighborhood and houses located in a sustainable neighborhood are more likely to be sold in the future.



Walkable neighborhoods are considered to be perfect to raise children, meaning that there are a lot of parks and playgrounds in the area. Walkability can refer to the convenience of a neighborhood too. This means that it is pet-friendly and offers everything to make a biking experience better.

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Walkable neighborhood is a safe neighborhood having a low crime rate and very little violent crime numbers. It should provide you a feeling of comfort walking on the street alone or at night.


Community feeling

Walkable neighborhood should foster a sense of community, be vibrant and diverse. It is a good idea to take a look at the neighborhood’s population statistics to find out whether it is growing or on the contrary, shrinking. This will help you to decide whether it is a perfect match for you.


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