Nature-Oriented: The New Home Preference in the New Normal

When it comes to designing homes, attention to detail is essential as this helps establish your identity and character. Now that most of us are spending more time indoors, homes are shifting toward having an open space concept to make room for recreational activities.

The mandatory stay-at-home protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to more individuals working from home. This new normal paved the way for them to spend more time with their family and rethink the importance of their space.

Open spaces, both inside and outside your home, are essential. These have a direct correlation with your physical and mental well-being. Having enough space for recreation helps you become more active, especially now that you spend more time within the confines of your home.

This is what the township of Agriya is about. Its goal is to provide bigger lot areas to encourage its community to embrace open spaces. In the development Ameria, this means you get more room for recreational activities and home-growing your own food–a sustainable way to live comfortably in the new normal.

The Many Ways Open Spaces Benefit the Family

Your home should be a place where conversations, comfort, and peace thrive. In houses with plenty of separated spaces, it is easy for one family member to disappear into their own corner and focus on their online presence. Open spaces promote spending more quality time with your family. With fewer partition walls, you get to have healthier communication with your loved ones. This is a great way to destress after a tiring day at work. 

Versatility is also one of the main draws of open spaces. You can use them for more activities like doing yoga, exercising, and walking inside your place. If you have a bigger space, you can bring in exercising equipment to allow you to reach your health goals even as you stay indoors. Your children will also have a bigger play area, as well as opportunities to develop their physical, emotional, and social skills.

For homeowners who live with pets, open spaces will be a joy to you and your beloved pets. They will have plenty of space to run around the house and play. The best part? All of these–your pets playing, your children socializing with their siblings, and you doing your workout or finishing a Zoom call–can exist in the same home at the same time. 

Larger Lot Area Provides Homegrown Sustainability

One of the best things about having a bigger lot area around your home is the opportunity to grow your own food. Agriya’s concept of offering its residents a wider lot area paves the way for backyard gardening in the middle of an urban location. This supplies you with fresh fruits and vegetables, leading to a healthier daily life.

With your own garden, you get a sustainable way to produce your food without having to rely more on outside resources. In addition to having a more nutritious food supply, gardening lets you go outside more for some fresh air and makes you more physically active.

Being closer to nature is universally calming and if you’re working from home, seeing a greener view creates a more relaxing working environment for you. 

Urban Lifestyle that is Close to Nature

Property seekers now prefer comfort, safety, and convenience. This is why developers are also shifting their design towards open spaces for recreation.

Embracing recreational activities is an excellent way to maximize time with your family in the new normal. These come with health benefits too. At Agriya, your family can enjoy an urban lifestyle that is close to nature–a home you and your family truly deserve.

A breathable and refreshing community with plenty of open spaces is beneficial for families, especially for those whose new normal is working from home. Your home can create a soothing environment that is in contrast with the concrete jungle you’re used to — helping you embrace the new normal. 

If you’re looking for a home that offers you more open spaces to do recreational activities with your family and grow your garden, check out Damosa Land’s Ameria, in the township of Agriya, on Lamudi. 


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