Moving to South of the Metro is Easier than You Think. Here’s Why

The southern part of Metro Manila, specifically Alabang in Muntinlupa, is considered one of the most sought-after residential locations. Its exclusive villages offer a grand showcase of opulent, spacious homes that only a few can afford. 

Southern living, however, is more than just adapting to the Alabang lifestyle. Experiencing luxe city life isn’t confined to the district’s ritzy homes. A few minutes away, there are up-and-coming high-end horizontal developments like Likha Residences


The rise of such projects expands the options of those who want to move to the South. These usually include residents from nearby cities, such as Makati, Pasig, Quezon City, and San Juan. 

Moving to a new place is often considered a tedious task. When you choose to settle down in Metro South, you encounter the following home features that change this narrative: 

The Familiar Laid-Back Vibe

A calming home environment awaits at Likha Residences (Artist’s Perspective).

If you’re coming from another city in Metro South, adjusting to your new home in Muntinlupa won’t be that much of a struggle. Most southern cities have a lower population density and more land area. Open spaces, which are considered a luxury in crowded urban areas, are actually abundant in the South. Considering this, you will still feel at home in Muntinlupa even though your environs practically changed.

It’s true that the laid-back atmosphere of the South can be linked to its scenes of nature. Property seekers today are also paying more attention to green amenity space, reinforcing the desirability of living the Southern life. The demand for open spaces is another reason why new residential communities in Muntinlupa offer access to open-air leisure amenities.

Likha Residences by PHINMA Prism, for instance, dedicates 50% of its total land area to open spaces. The 1.2-hectare development provides a tranquil environment where families can comfortably create unforgettable memories.

A low-density development, Likha Residences is comprised of 68 master-crafted townhomes only. Residents can enjoy increased levels of privacy and a sense of exclusivity, surrounded by lush greenery.

Upgraded Convenience

Enjoy unparalleled convenience when you move to Likha Residences (Artist’s Perspective).

With traffic being less of an issue in the southern metro, you can continue your established daily routines or become even more efficient at doing them. For instance, driving to the office is much easier with modern transport infrastructure surrounding you. 

From Likha Residences, you can be in Quezon City in less than an hour via Metro Manila Skyway. Makati’s business and lifestyle hubs are much quicker to reach via the same thoroughfare. Makati CBD is roughly half an hour away from Likha Residences.

The boutique townhouse project is also minutes away from Alabang’s shopping and leisure centers and top-rated educational institutions like PAREF Southridge School. This makes living at Likha Residences a convenient choice for those transitioning to family life.

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Likha Residences’ designer townhomes bring you closer to nature (Artist’s Perspective).

When you move to Muntinlupa, specifically to Likha Residences, you can find and join a community of like-minded people—those who prioritize an upgraded lifestyle and appreciate every moment with loved ones. To these people, homes are more than just a place to live. This is also the concept behind Likha Residences, where every room sparks new conversations and family memories.

Looking more closely, Likha Residences promotes meaningful bonding moments or the distinct Filipino values of strong family ties and hospitality. Residents of its four-storey townhouses will have access to an elevated garden and path walks, making it more convenient to catch up with neighbors while enjoying nature. 

Other amenity areas of Likha Residences where residents can try new activities and meet new people include the clubhouse, swimming pool area, multi-function hall, and fitness gym. The project is also near the affluent villages of Alabang Hills and Hillsborough, providing the opportunity to expand your social network.

Move-In-Ready Designer Home 

The master-crafted townhomes of Likha Residences are designed with a better life in mind (Artist’s Perspective).

Indeed, it’s much easier to start over in Metro South if you choose a move-in-ready property. With an RFO unit, you can shorten the waiting time and remove all the guesswork. You can evaluate the style, layout, and every detail of your preferred unit, as well as the establishments and community environments nearby. 

At Likha Residences, you’ll find ready-for-occupancy units that allow for a hassle-free move-in, and pre-selling units are likewise available. From the project’s common spaces to the individual townhouse units, the distinct Filipino-inspired architectural design won’t go unnoticed. Likha Residences is a rare gem in Muntinlupa, with its designer townhomes inspired by the traditional bahay kubo

The seamless blend of modern aesthetics and Filipino ingenuity was made possible with the help of Mañosa & Co, an architectural firm founded by the late national artist Bobby Mañosa. The townhomes feature awning-type windows, reminiscent of dungawan or the large wooden windows of bahay kubo. The cooling effect of the indigenous stilt house was also replicated by using a clerestory roof. This brings natural light and cool air in, creating a brighter and more refreshing space.

Adaptable to Changing Needs 

You have enough space for your most prized possessions at Likha Residences (Artist’s Perspective).

When you move to the South, you can stay there for good. This is especially true considering the flexible layout of townhouses at Likha Residences. Both three-storey and four-storey units have a foyer, utility area, and maid’s quarter that can be used as is or repurposed depending on your needs. 

The units can also have a designated space for a home office, indoor playroom, study nook, and other areas that adapt to the dwellers’ flexible schedules. As families grow, the townhomes of Likha Residences are equipped to accommodate changing lifestyle needs. 

The señorita steps make other home areas accessible to little kids and the elderly, as these stairs are safer and easier to climb. The open-plan living area, which is connected to the balcony, provides an expansive place for the family to bond and unwind. 

Each townhome at Likha Residences has three bedrooms and three toilets and baths. Even though they’re more spacious than regular townhomes—measuring 238 to 324 square meters—they’re surprisingly less energy dependent. 

Those shifting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle will also find Likha Residences a desirable place to live in. Its townhomes stand out by having a climate-conscious design, bringing excellent indoor thermal comfort and abundant natural light to every room.

A Valuable Long-Term Investment 

A premium townhome at Likha Residences is an investment that keeps growing (Artist’s Perspective).

It’s easier to decide to move to the South if you’re getting a home that can increase your net worth. Properties in upscale neighborhoods near Alabang are known for their high-value features, excellent location, and exclusivity. All these can boost resale value and lower investment portfolio risk. 

What makes the units at Likha Residences investment-worthy is their uniqueness. Beauty and elegance are evident in their customized architecture, interior design, and construction materials. Further, Likha Residences is the only brand-new masterplanned townhouse development for sale in Metro Manila. Its designer townhomes are a cut above the rest, showcasing the essence of Filipino design and luxe city living. 

It’s also worth noting that playing the long game is a smart move for property investors. With Likha Residences, you’ll have a unit that tends to hold appeal and demand over the years. The growing trend toward luxurious living means more people seek premium homes. So the longer you hold on to your unit at Likha Residences, the higher its value will be. 

You also don’t have to worry about the effort needed to maintain your new home. After all, upscale communities are meticulously planned and their units built to a high standard. Likha Residences townhomes, for instance, use professionally-treated wood in their facade and interior. The unit exterior showcases careful placement of high-quality concrete and modern-cut adobe tiles, ensuring the property’s long life cycle. 

Making the Easy Choice with Likha Residences 

Likha Residences has investment-worthy features that will make for a smooth life transition (Artist’s Perspective).

Likha Residences is a testament to PHINMA Prism’s patriotism, one of the core values driving the developer’s mission to upgrade Filipino lives. The project’s multi-level designer townhomes naturally preserve Filipino roots and emphasize the importance of nurturing family connections.

Moving to Likha Residences, you’re bound to experience the joy of living closer to loved ones and your favorite destinations in Metro Manila and beyond. Even random weekend getaways are possible, thanks to the project’s highly strategic location. 

Designed to be future-proofed, its townhomes can adapt to the needs of the youngest to the eldest family members. Unit owners can expect durability from the materials used and elegance from the modernized bahay kubo details like the banggerahan and tukod. The units’ sustainable aesthetics also mean they can stand the test of time and continue increasing in value.

Of course, PHINMA Prism is aware of how important it is to ensure that your high-value asset—your home—is in a secure environment. This is why Likha Residences has double-gated entrance and exit areas and round-the-clock security to provide a heightened sense of certainty. 

The easy choice for an easy life is to move to Likha Residences near Alabang, Muntinlupa. Claim your space for peaceful, productive, and luxe city living. Unit price starts at Php 31 million.


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