Invest Like a Pro and Consider CBD Properties

Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor in the real estate market, there’s always the goal to go from good to great. And, of course, to build more wealth. 

While real estate investing is considered one of the safest investments today, it comes with risks, too, especially if you fail to find properties with high returns. Once again, it boils down to location. If you’re looking for a deal that will change everything, consider properties in central business districts (CBDs). 

CBDs are well-known prime locations. They’re hubs that bring together office space, financial institutions, hospitals, schools, and residential buildings in one place. In Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig’s premier CBD, you can even find high-end retail shops, posh dining spots, and lush urban parks. 

CBDs indeed have the essential establishments and more. And where the developments are, growth follows. So as an investor, you can take comfort in the possibility of CBD properties boosting your wealth. Here’s how: 

Price appreciation is inevitable 

Location is one of the factors that affect the future value of a property. You can then expect price appreciation for CBD properties because they’re easily accessible and have a continuously growing local economy.

In BGC, for example, you’ll find residential condominiums with units that almost always appreciate in value. They’re near good transportation networks and, most importantly, workplaces and lifestyle destinations. This, in turn, makes them a desirable place to live in. 

When these units grow in demand, their value further increases. So, if you buy a unit in a CBD intending to resell it, you can do so at a higher price after a few years. Or you can set it up for lease, which leads us to the next point.

You can start earning now 

By investing in a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) condo unit in a CBD, you can start earning as early as now. Depending on the unit size you’ll get, you can lease it out to working professionals or families. The good thing is you’re guaranteed to attract higher-income tenants. This is because CBDs usually have higher rental rates compared to neighboring locations. 

Investing in an RFO unit within a well-planned condo community also gives you the chance to earn more. Consider The Trion Towers in BGC. This condo development by RLC Residences is designed with a fusion of suburban elements and modern conveniences. 

For leisure activities, The Trion Towers has swimming pools, verdant gardens, and music and party rooms. It also features an HD screening room and a cyber hub with complete digital facilities suitable for business use. With an RFO unit in such an integrated development, you can attract lessees willing to spend more for convenient and relaxed in-city living.

The market will be in your favor  

Looking at demographic shifts is also one way to determine whether the location and property you’re considering will continue to be in demand. With the retirement housing market growing and experts seeing condos as practical homes for the elderly, RFO units will likely be popular among older generations. Of course, this makes sense since living in a condo means better access to the necessities and less maintenance–two of the main preferences of this population.

There’s also the Gen Z, a younger market that you can tap on. The oldest from this generation are now looking to kickstart their careers and will, later on, invest in their own properties. As the Gen Zers age, this means a growing population in CBDs, higher demand for housing, and an increase in property prices.

Today, the real estate market is also in your favor. Generous discounts for RFO units are currently up for grabs. RLC Residences offers a 10% discount for its RFO units in The Trion Towers in BGC. 

Flexible payment terms are likewise available, which enables you to diversify your investments. By going for a flexible payment plan, you can maximize your investment money. You don’t need to make a one-time, full payment, so you’ll have the cash to buy a second or perhaps a third property. In simpler terms, you can divide and conquer. 

For your first step in building more wealth, check out the RFO units at The Trion Towers.


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