A Home that Grows with You

How you use your home can change over the years. This doesn’t mean, however, that you must keep moving to a new place as you go through different life stages. 

With the help of skillful community builders, such as Profriends, owning a lifetime home won’t be a far-fetched dream anymore. One of the developer’s newest projects, Minami Residences, is a community where you can feel supported as your needs change. Simply put, it’s a home that grows with you.


Let’s look closer at the elements that make Minami Residences an ideal home, no matter where you are in life.

Adaptable Quadruplex Units

Homes that can be upsized are finally available, and they take the form of quadruplex units at Minami Residences. These units have a floor area of 54 square meters and a lot area of 80 square meters—giving enough space for future expansions. 

Also called the Hanna model, the two-storey quadruplex unit at Minami Residences will have three bedrooms, two toilets and baths, and provisions for a service area and car garage. The best part is unit owners can explore different expansion ideas

A basic side expansion will give you additional room for a home office or study area. On the second floor, consider adding a 10-square meter veranda to enjoy the fresh air and views inside the community. To visualize this better, Profriends has built an interactive web app where you can view expansion ideas as well as 360-degree virtual tours of available amenities.

However, note that expansion projects for Hanna model should follow the home improvement guidelines within Minami Residences. 

Nature-Inspired Community

Enjoy the relaxing views from Minami Residences’ gazebo.

Taking inspiration from the bounties of nature, Profriends envisioned Minami Residences to have generous open spaces. Knowing that these spaces encourage imagination and playfulness, Profriends has built a community with a play area, basketball court, and gazebo surrounded by verdant greenery. This makes Minami Residences an ideal home to nurture family relationships through outdoor activities.

Open spaces also invite residents to slow down, which is important amidst the hustle of everyday life. Families can use these spaces to build memories and bond through picnics, morning jogs, and leisurely walks. At Minami Residences, you can experience the joy of living in a healthy and tranquil community. It’s the kind of environment you would need to thrive in every stage of life.

Safe and Easily Accessible Location

Located at the heart of General Trias, Cavite, Minami Residences is just an easy drive from Metro Manila. Major thoroughfares like Arnaldo Highway, CAVITEX, and CALAX Open Canal Exit make it easy to access booming business districts. Minami Residences is also conveniently close to malls, so shopping for essentials and dining for leisure or business will be hassle-free.

For quick family weekend getaways, visit the nearby Tagaytay via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Resorts in Dasmariñas are likewise in proximity. Check them out for fun and refreshing activities with the family.

Looking at the strategic location of Minami Residences, it is indeed a community that can provide your basic needs and more.

Peaceful Community Living 

Minami Residences welcomes you to a nature-inspired community with functional quadruplex units.

With supportive neighbors around you, you’re motivated to grow individually and as a family. Sense of community is one of the gifts of residing in a Profriends community. In Minami Residences, for instance, you can live close to people with similar values and interests. Adding them to your support network helps you fight isolation and feelings of hopelessness. In turn, supporting others will enhance your overall sense of purpose.

Further, raising children in a close-knit community can help them feel that their neighborhood is a safe and friendly place. As kids grow and form social connections, they can boost their confidence and find new friends in Minami Residences.

Profriends, known as a community builder with a heart, has always been committed to its mission of creating communities and transforming lives. With Minami Residences, the developer strengthens its capacity to upgrade residential experiences. 

The 25-hectare gated community facilitates family growth through its spacious units, costing Php 3.7 million to Php 4.5 million. Let your home grow with you at Minami Residences by Profriends


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