Halloween 2022: DIY Haunted House Designs

Halloween is approaching soon, and Filipino families take this time to visit their departed relatives and loved ones. Locally known as Undas, the country has seen a change in how Undas is celebrated after COVID-19 affected the country. But as time passed, we started moving and adapting toward a new normal. Now, it’s safer to go outdoors and slowly return to the old Undas traditions we missed, including dressing up our houses with scary Halloween-themed decor.

That said, here are some Halloween house decorations you can do at home with your kids.

Spider Webs

Paper spider web with plastic spider toy
Photo from Simply Being Mommy

Spider webs are among the easiest Halloween decorations you can do using the simplest materials you can find at home. Aside from using black yarn, you can stretch out cotton balls and use hairspray to keep them together. Put these spider webs on your windows and ceilings, and complete the look with cut-out spiders or plastic spiders for a realistic look.

Hanging Bat Decor

Sample paper bats floating on a staircase
Photo from Pinterest

Print or cut out bats on a thick black paper to create a hanging bat decor on your staircase. Wings can be folded with a bone folder (and fold opposite the direction of the body fold). For monofilament, make holes in the bat’s body: in the tail for an upside-down bat and in the wings and head for an upright bat. Using detachable hooks, hang from the staircase railings.

“Keep Out” Sign

"Keep Out" Halloween sign using cardboard
Photo from Good Housekeeping

Seeing a “Keep Out” sign always intrigues and tickles people’s curiosity to figure out what’s in it, despite the obvious warning. To recreate this on your door, the materials you need are DIY cobwebs, masking tape, paint, and some studs (if available). Drape cobwebs over the door and tape them in place. Then, paint two cardboard slats with cautionary messages and attach them to the door. To add a scary touch, use red paint and mimic blood splatters and hand prints over the sign.

Eerie Pictures

Halloween window silhouette decor
Photo from Bestar

Give your guests a good heart-jumping scare by printing bizarre and spooky photos, then placing them in areas they won’t expect them to see. For example, you can put these print-outs in the corner of your windows or on the ceiling as if someone’s watching over you. You can also print and frame scary pictures, then add them to your usual display of photos at home. You’ll be surprised at how many people will fall for this trick!

Writings on the Wall

Scary writings on bathroom wall
Photo from Pinterest

Feel as if you’re in a horror house by adding scary writings on the wall. Use blood-red paint or even glow-in-the-dark paint for a surprise when the lights are off. You can also write signs for help, write names, and add dragged handprints for a thrilling touch.

Bagged Dead Body

Bagged dead bodies stacked outside the door
Photo from The Navage Patch

A bagged dead body in your house is one of the scariest decorations—and easiest ones to make! To make one, use all recyclable materials like styrofoam, plastic bottles, and materials that can help to form it into a body figure. After that, put it inside the garbage bag and use duct tape to tie it on the neck, torso, and legs. For a scary entrance to your house, you can put the bagged body on your front lawn or on your front door.

Grotesque Dolls

Grotesque dolls standing on the ground
Photo from Pinterest

As much as a doll is a child’s favorite toy, they are also one of the scariest Halloween decors. To do this, use an old doll and apply dirt to the clothes, remove some of its arms and legs, and twist its other body parts to make it grotesque. You can also apply paint and draw over the doll’s face to make it seem realistic. Then, display your dolls on shelves, ceilings, and other inconspicuous areas to give your visitors a good scare. 

Floating Witch Hat Lantern

Floating witch hats near lighting fixture
Photo from The Glitzy Pear

The witch hat is one of the quintessential Halloween decorations and can be displayed in several ways. To make a floating witch hat lantern, tie a fishing line to a string of LED Lights. Make sure that both ends of the fishing line are threaded through a large needle, then pull the fishing line through the top of the hat. Tie in a knot at the end of the fishing line to secure it, and check your LED lights to see if it works properly. Then, hang it on any ceiling of your house or on your terrace. 

You don’t have to spend much and break the bank to turn your house into the scariest one on the block! As we slowly move into the new normal, bring some sense of normalcy into your home by creating these DIY haunted house designs with your kids. 

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