How to Generate More Income With a Manila Property? 

The explosive growth of Manila’s local economy is good news for investors. It helps raise property values, which, in turn, makes the city a good investment hub. 

With a Manila property, especially a condo unit, there are many different ways to turn a profit. Wise investors do more than just buy and hold. Today, we go beyond the basics of earning real estate money. 

Here are other money-making strategies suitable for owners of a Manila condo property:

Use the Unit for Holiday Rentals 

Everyone loves to have a good time, and since the pandemic hit, many prefer to be in a not-so-crowded relaxing location. Hence, the popularity of staycations. With a condo unit, you’ll have a property that can help you generate income through short-term stays. 

To maximize earnings, pick a condo property that’s close to attractions. Locals and foreigners looking for accommodation would also like to be near tourist spots. A good example of such a property is Suntrust Ascentia in Santa Ana, Manila. The modern contemporary condo reflects the district’s elegant heritage, surrounded by historic churches and houses. 

Although still in its pre-selling stage, Suntrust Ascentia has the potential to offer high investment returns, especially once its construction is finished. By then, its value had already increased and will continue to do so.

Look for Long-Term Renters

Make your money work for you by acquiring a unit in Suntrust Ascentia (Artist’s Perspective)

For a stable monthly income, why not consider using a Manila condo property for a long-term lease? 

If you choose to furnish it with quality appliances, you can improve your profit margins by increasing the monthly rental fees. However, when doing this, you should also learn to find good tenants and allocate time for property inspections and maintenance.

To catch the interest of long-term lease takers, it’s important that you have a centrally located unit. It should be near workplaces, schools, and leisure facilities to attract renters from different market segments.

Suntrust Ascentia, once ready for occupancy, will have a broad market reach. It’s ideal for young urban professionals because its location in Santa Ana is near Mandaluyong and Makati, which are both thriving business hubs. Santa Ana is likewise near various government agencies and private companies in Manila. 

Further, when you acquire a unit in Suntrust Ascentia, you can include starting families in your prospective tenants. This is because the project is near established schools and commercial destinations offering the necessities. Nearest landmarks include St. Mary’s Academy of Sta. Ana, UP Manila, Adamson University, Robinsons Place Manila, and SM City Manila, to name a few.

Lease Out Your Parking Space 

For those who don’t prefer renting out a unit but still want to earn extra, leasing out a parking space is worth considering. This is a smart way to supplement your income because parking spaces are in demand, particularly in thriving cities.

If you plan to buy a pre-selling condo unit with a parking space, know that it’s a worthwhile investment. Later on, you can change your mind and lease out both or resell the unit at a higher price because of the added value of having a parking space.

Sell the Unit Furnished 

A furnished unit in Suntrust Ascentia allows buyers to visualize what it feels like living in it (Artist’s Perspective)

This strategy could work when done right. If you want to sell the unit furnished, make sure you also invest in timeless, high-quality pieces and interior elements. Remember that on top of the property, you are selling the ultimate convenience of living in it. 

You can also enjoy higher returns when you buy a pre-selling unit because of its lower introductory prices. For example, units in Suntrust Ascentia cost around P5.1 million to P9.9 million, available in studio to three-bedroom layouts (29.80 to 38.60 sqm). 

The entire process of selling a furnished unit indeed takes time. But it also gives you the chance to enjoy the amenity access that comes with your property. In Suntrust Ascentia, you may choose to live in your unit for a few years and take delight in its range of leisure options. 

Spend time at the pool areas, jacuzzi, green open spaces, fitness gym, function hall, and multi-purpose area. These features ensure that you will never run out of activities to do every day. And when you’re ready to sell your property for a profit, you can do so knowing that you’ve enjoyed it fully. 

Manila properties like condo units in Suntrust Ascentia allow investors to earn money in unique ways. The final strategy to use is up to you, but remember that it will only work if you have a profitable property investment.

Know your options by visiting the development page of Suntrust Ascentia.


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