How to Find a Home that Expresses Your Passions

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The size of the lot, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the overall layout are all important considerations when searching for the next home sweet home. But it doesn’t stop there. A house isn’t a home just for its spacious rooms or open floor plan kitchen. It’s home because it matches your personality. It aligns with what you love to do in life, and in fact, allows you to pursue just that. In other words, your space becomes your home as it reflects your passions. 

It’s not a secret, however, that searching for your dream home isn’t an easy task. Finding a space that matches your preferred lot dimensions, floor area, and layout is already tough, let alone one that reflects your interests. Nonetheless, it’s possible. Here are some ways to land on the perfect home:

Draw Up the Dream Home

How to Find a Home that Expresses Your Passions
Photo courtesy of Casa Collective X.

A successful search starts not on tripping sessions, but on paper. Write down what the perfect home looks like, based on your passions. Perhaps you’re a family who loves anything and everything sophisticated. Marble floors, grand staircases, mid-century lighting, fabric wallpapers, and matte bathroom fixtures may be right up your alley. Jot it down. Or maybe you’re a family who’s very keen on art and history. It’s just right that your negotiables include vintage furniture, upholstery fabrics filled with graphic patterns, paintings, and sculpture pieces.

If that’s what your dream home looks like, it’s worth visiting spaces constructed and curated by not just any other real estate company, but one that has a certain flair for creativity. Consider dropping by Casa Lafayette, an apartment built and curated by a group of designers, artists, and creative individuals called Casa Collective X. It features made-to-order and/or limited edition works of furniture, textiles, and lighting in space. Drop by to see if its features tick off everything on your home search list.

Consider the Location

How to Find a Home that Expresses Your Passions
Photo courtesy of Casa Collective X.

After pinning down what you want to see in the actual home, it’s time to zoom out and determine what kind of location you want your house to be in. Why is this important? The location of your house would also affect how you can maintain your lifestyle and go after your passions. Simply put, you wouldn’t want to live outside the central business district when you love closing business deals and chatting with entrepreneurs over wine, would you? In the same manner, you wouldn’t want to be in the urban jungle when you’re into hiking, fishing, and being one with nature, right?

In case you’re after the best of both worlds — the modern luxury of the city and the peace and quiet of the suburbs — Casa Lafayette is a good choice. Nestled in Salcedo Village, it’s near key establishments, but free from the stressful city atmosphere. With this home, you can easily maintain your active lifestyle at the Makati Sports Club nearby, do your weekend shopping of fresh produce at the Salcedo Market, and satisfy your cravings at several local restaurants, in-between nature visits to the park. 

Envision Living in the House

How to Find a Home that Expresses Your Passions
Photo courtesy of Casa Collective X.

One of the good signs that you found the house that suits your personality is when you’re able to imagine living there with your family. Envision yourself preparing meals in the kitchen. Picture the end of your day sipping wine while enjoying the view from either of the two balconies on the main floor. You can already see how you’ll arrange the furniture, where the sofa or console table will be positioned in the fully renovated area that fits your lifestyle requirements. In fact, from the moment you step into the property’s gate, you probably feel the urge to explore the inside and to see the view of Makati City from the penthouse. If the house gives you these feelings, then it must be because it matches your personality.

That said, as you go visit properties, take note of your first impressions. When dropping by Casa Lafayette, for instance, pay attention to the unique character and vibe of each of the three bedrooms. See if the open kitchen is enough for your dinner parties or if the storage spaces would fit stacks of fine china. 

Do check out the shared amenities in the building, too. Look around the fitness center, outdoor pool, and function room. Lounge around the lobby for a while just to get a feel. If you can envision coming home to this grand abode, that means it suits you well. And maybe it’s worth considering in your options.

A house that reflects your passions is a treasure hard to find. But when you do discover it, it will be worth all the effort and patience, precisely because it’s not just a house. It’s a home.


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