How to Find a Community When You’re Living Independently

From getting the peace and quiet you want, to discovering yourself more and no one messing with your stuff, the perks of living solo definitely make it a worthwhile experience. Even the challenges that come with it are rewarding. With mom nowhere in sight to prepare your favorite meals, you step up your cooking skills. With all the bills filed under your name, you learn to stay on top of your payment schedules. Living solo is simply the best, especially in the age of pandemic, where everything’s done at home.

While you can get all the quiet you need when working from home and enjoy your Netflix account all to yourself, sometimes, in our solitary moments, we long for human company. Even though solo living is awesome, being part of a community is a key ingredient to our happiness in life. The good news is that it’s actually easy to form new relationships as you live solo. 

Here are some ways:

Stick to Your Hobby (Or Start a New One)

Think about how you met some of your current friends. While most of them may be from school or work, others come from an activity you love, perhaps in one of your yoga classes or in a book club session. When you pursue your hobby, you eventually find your community. That said, maximize the amenities in your neighborhood. If you’re living in a condo, drop by the pool or the open lawn. For sure, you’ll find fellow fitness enthusiasts, pet parents, and even work-from-home professionals in these spaces.

In RLC Residences, the ability to connect with others is a priority in development projects. The company puts a lot of thought in its building amenities, ensuring that residents can cherish bonding moments with neighbors and loved ones. In their four-tower condo community The Magnolia Residences, for instance, there are a ton of recreational and social spaces, going beyond the usual swimming pools, function rooms, and multipurpose rooms. 

The Magnolia Residences – Actual Photo

It has gazebos, a jacuzzi, a game room, and a private theater. Fitness amenities include aerobics/yoga room, table tennis room, badminton court, and gym. The four-tower residential development even has a treehouse and a barbecue pit. All of these are designed to provide rest and recreation, accommodate different hobbies, and offer the ultimate bonding experience (with observation of health measures, of course). If you’re still on the hunt for a home for your solo living, The Magnolia Residences should definitely be in your options.

Scour the Local Stores

Every once in a while, eat out. Grab a coffee at a nearby cafe. Take the safety precautions when going out, and explore the boutique shops that are only a few blocks away from your home sweet home. By scouring local establishments, you’ll be a familiar face to the baristas, chefs, and even salon manicurists. Doing this will make you feel more and more like a part of the community over time. 

Another advantage of living at The Magnolia Residences is that it’s close to leisure and commercial areas, since it’s in the bustling business zone of New Manila, Quezon City. Malls nearby include Robinsons Magnolia Mall and Greenhills Shopping Center. It’s also a short drive away from leisure destinations, such as Cubao and Ortigas. With such a location like this, it’s easy to find a community in your frequent trips to coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. 

What’s more, you can easily keep in touch with your existing social circles, meeting them up whenever and wherever. The condo’s highly accessible location is close to transportation hubs, such as the LRT-2. Less time spent on traffic, more time spent on connecting with loved ones.

Socialize Online

With the pandemic going on, everything’s transitioning online, even the socials. There’s a good chance that your residential community is on a virtual platform. Join those Facebook groups or subscribe to those pages. As neighbors like and comment on posts, engage with the community virtually.

Another benefit to being a member of these online groups is you’ll be updated with what’s happening around you. You can find opportunities to participate in a cause initiated by the homeowners’ association during this pandemic. You’ll learn about upcoming virtual events you can attend. 

RLC Residences has a dedicated Facebook page that has all the announcements for different communities. They also host regular webinars titled Meetups by RLC, RLC in-Focus, and Homevestments, which cover different real estate topics, from being smart in buying properties to designing spaces, and knowing the latest condo promo deals. Tuning in to these online talks, you get to learn more and connect with others even in the chat boxes. 

If you do decide to live at The Magnolia Residences, the spacious floor area of the units ranging from 35 square meters to 156 sqm would give you enough room for a dedicated home office where you can attend online meetings and events.

Living independently is a rewarding experience, but being connected to a community is important, especially in this time of crisis. Follow these steps to find social support while relishing in the best of solo living. Visit The Magnolia Residences on Lamudi to know more about the development.


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