A Fusion of Filipino Warmth and Japanese Innovation

Innovation. Style. Comfort. Safety. These four words encapsulate the design and purpose of The Seasons Residences. This exquisite four-tower residential development, which is a joint venture under Federal Land, Inc., Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. recently won Best Innovative Project during The Outlook Awards held last November 14, 2019.

The corporation (Sunshine Fort North Bonifacio Realty Development Corporation) behind this world-class development spoke about the key qualities that led them to win, the assets of their design and architecture, and their plans and pipelined projects for 2020 and the coming years.

A Taste of the Four Seasons at BGC

The Seasons Residences is a premier condominium development built within the Grand Central Park township at The Fort. It occupies a land area of 14,792 sqm, and neighbors the Grand Hyatt Manila and Central Park West, two prime developments by Federal Land, Inc. As a collaborative project with two premier Japanese companies, The Seasons Residences draws its entire construction and architecture on Japanese design efficiency. 

The four 45-storey towers are named after the four seasons of Japan, with the amenities carefully placed in each tower befitting the season they are named after. For example, the first tower named “Active Spring” holds facilities to improve one’s well-being, and to welcome the spring of new life such as the gym, daycare center, and a children’s playground. The next tower, “Breezy Summer,” contains amenities suited for vacation and amusement, like the adult and kiddie swimming pools, game rooms, karaoke room, and function room. 

“Creative Autumn” is the perfect place for one to channel their creativity and to enjoy peace and quiet, and for groups to have meaningful discussions through facilities like function rooms, a reading lounge, a music studio, and a business center. Lastly, “Dreamy Winter” offers homely warmth and relaxation through its spa facilities, great for de-stressing after being surrounded by the hustle and bustle. 

“Since a lot of Filipinos have gone to Japan, and they love it there, [with our project], you will feel like you really are in Japan,” Federal Land said at The Outlook Awards gala. They mentioned that one of the priorities behind building The Seasons Residences is to give its residents the complete Japanese living experience. 

With its prime location and carefully placed amenities complementing the four seasons they are named after, The Seasons Residences presents a perfect combination of stillness, abundance, comfort, and creativity. These facets are certain to draw the attention of anyone seeking to experience Japan right at the heart of BGC.

The Japanese Way of Life in the Filipino Local Market

In an interview for The Outlook, Federal Land said, “In its over 47 years of experience building homes for the Filipino people, Federal Land has always strived to incorporate innovative ideas in its developments.” 

During the gala, the receivers of the award talked about key figures behind their project, as well as the qualities each of their partner companies have contributed to the success of The Seasons Residences. “We bring in the Filipino pride of knowing the local market and what works for the Filipinos,” says Federal Land, talking about their extensive knowledge and experience on the preferences and needs of the Filipino people. 

They also said “Nomura Real Estate brings in their know-how in terms of innovation and Japanese design,” noting the company’s signature precision in their developments. Founded in 1957, Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. started as a real estate business with their leasing and management of office building operations transferred from Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. For more than 60 years, they have been in the front line of creating new value based on original ideas to ensure trust with their clients and to fulfill their expectations.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. was incorporated in 2008, and is the parent company of the Isetan and Mitsukoshi department stores, two of the oldest retail companies in Japan. Their core philosophies include being innovative and ahead of time, observing and studying one’s surroundings in order to grow and be respectful of others. For centuries, Isetan Mitsukoshi has fostered a distinct kind of shopping experience with their numerous department stores and malls. “Together, we bring in the Japanese experience in [terms of] shopping.” 

Neighboring the Japanese-inspired suites and amenities, the Philippines’ first Mitsukoshi Mall is set to be completed by 2021. The mall coupled with the innovative and stylish The Seasons Residences tops off the Japanese experience in living and shopping.

Incorporating Japanese Technology in Safety and Security 

One great example of the innovative and efficient Japanese design in The Seasons Residences is the unique and sophisticated damper system in all four towers of the residential property.  “The VCD system is a breakthrough in earthquake vibration control technology used in the tallest buildings and structures in Japan,” they told The Outlook. VCD, or viscoelastic coupling damper, is an economic high-performing damping system enhanced to reinforce concrete structures; it uses high-damping material bonded between steel plates to increase the building’s resilience to both wind and earthquakes. 

Aside from the earthquake prevention feature, the developers also installed features meant to impose cleanliness and comfort, like sunken slab technology or below-floor drainage system for easy maintenance and repairs, air washing tiles to minimize excess humidity and odor, and Japanese branded toilets with ecological features.

Since the Philippines is also prone to earthquakes like Japan, the state-of-the-art damper system is extremely useful in keeping residents safe when an earthquake or a typhoon hits. Likewise, this technology can be employed in future developments to ensure safer and sturdier homes for everyone.

Federal Land in 2020, and in the Future

Federal Land has also talked about their plans scheduled for the year 2020 and beyond. They will be introducing more landmark projects across Metro Manila, particularly in the Bay Area, Binondo, Parañaque, Marikina, and North Bonifacio Global City.

Adopting the Japanese standards of innovation, Federal Land mentioned their plans to incorporate innovative ideas in their designs and pipelined developments. “Innovation in the real estate industry is expected to focus on connectivity, security, and sustainability,” they said. 

They emphasized that the future is about connectivity, wherein one has the convenience of remotely connecting to work or to school, and the leisure of remotely controlling their own safety and security wherever they are, in the comfort of their own home. They also put importance in incorporating sustainable technologies in their developments, in the hopes of reducing carbon footprints and to provide communities with more sustainable and energy-efficient ways to live and do things. 

“[We] continuously work hard at developing properties that are not just faithful to the needs and aspirations of the people who will be living in it but ones that utilize and maximize technology to better the lives of its residents and the community,” Federal added. 

The focus of Federal Land’s pipelined projects is “to create quality homes built on the values of trust, reliability, and integrity,” to be adamant in continuously infusing improvements and innovations in its developments, and to be responsive to the changes in the market and the needs of the people.

Main photo via Federal Land


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