Lead Like a Dad: 5 Traits Every Father and Leader Should Have

Being a leader is like being a parent. Both roles allow one to mentor, nurture, and support independence. Just like an awesome dad, a great leader can show the ropes, act as a source of strength, and bring out the best in all those under his care.

Our interview with Mark Bailey, Corporate Accounts Lead of Lamudi Philippines, proved that fathers and leaders have similarities. Hence, fatherhood may just change someone as a leader, while management training could be beneficial in raising a family. 

In honor of Father’s Day, here are the top qualities that every father and leader should possess—from a man who is both:


The ability to be self-aware allows leaders and fathers to maximize their strengths and lean on others in areas of weakness. Without self-awareness, it’s easy to get caught up in emotions and form ineffective relationships. 

Mark mentioned self-awareness and self-love as the most important characteristics for dads and leaders. Awareness is an essential part of taking care of your mental and physical health. He said, “You can’t lead a team or raise a family if you don’t look after yourself.


Fathers and leaders are often put under high-pressure situations. Again, being self-aware plays a role here as this can help in coping with stress. But being resilient completes the recipe for becoming a dependable leader and father. 

You can tap on your resilience by acknowledging that not everything will go your way. Roadblocks, failed attempts, and let-downs will always be there, and they should inspire you to lead through good and bad times. To show up for yourself and others.

One principle that Mark follows is “progress over perfection.” He believes that no matter how perfect the plan is, there will always be imperfections in the execution.

Encourages Individuality 

Mark started in the hospitality industry and has gained experience that he could use in the commercial environment of Corporate Partnerships at Lamudi. Working with diverse teams, he learned that building client relationships require authenticity. This is why he tries to encourage his team members to show their personalities at work. 

For employees to thrive, they need to feel understood and have the freedom to do what they need to do independently. The same goes for kids. Parents can support the development of individuality in their children by minimizing judgment and control and allowing them to make their own choices. 

During his younger years, Mark was given the freedom to make mistakes, learn along the way, and find his own skills. Through autonomy, he learned how to lead and motivate his team members.

Leads by Example

Meanwhile, when asked what keeps him in the leadership position, Mark said that one motivating factor is to lead by example. By guiding others through his actions and behaviors, he’s able to improve personally and set the bar high for teams. 

Fathers, too, are in a position to lead by example. A parent’s interaction with his children can impact the latter’s personal development. For instance, when kids observe how hard their parents work, the children can adopt the same work ethic later in life.

Everything a leader or a father does could potentially be an example for others. This doesn’t mean, however, that there should be no room for mistakes. If you can learn from your errors and pass on the lessons, you can promote a culture that turns failures into opportunities.


Good leaders and dependable dads have learned not just to trust logic but also intuition. Being intuitive and a leader, you can make decisions aligned with your identity, values, and professional goals.

Mark’s advice to those who are learning to be a leader is to “not try too hard, trust your instincts, and be yourself.

Parents, on the other hand, can create a better environment for their children when they trust their inner wisdom and truth. Having this ability also helps build self-trust and confidence along the way.

Fathers with the above traits make good leaders and vice versa. To all the father figures out there, we’re grateful for your guidance in helping us become the best versions of ourselves.

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