Introducing European Standard of Living in the Metro

At the height of the pandemic last year, top Russian home builder and technology company PIK launched its first overseas project in the Philippines, One Sierra. The 30-storey, low-density condominium building rising at the heart of Mandaluyong is set to bring European living in the metro. The team behind the outstanding development shares more about their latest real estate offering in the recent Lamudi webinar series titled Up Close with PIK: A European Standard of Living.

Broadcasted on Lamudi’s Facebook page, the virtual discussion featured Robin Karlsen, Investment Director – International Acquisitions for PIK; Renat Nasrutdinov, One Sierra Project Technical Head; and Heather Macey, Associate Director of John McAslan and Partners.

Here are the key points mentioned in the webinar:

Inspiration for the Development

The surrounding environment offered inspiration for the design of One Sierra, according to Macey, as the site boasts of “sheer vivacity, energy, and character. The location featured the vibrant activity of EDSA and the unique charm of the Sierra Madre street and neighborhood.

“In response to this dynamic and frantic duality, our approach was to find a calm high-rise sanctuary with enduring quality of modern design,” Macey shared.

Meanwhile, PIK’s choice to expand to the Philippines was inspired by the country’s real estate market’s resemblance to Russia, according to Karlsen. He explained that through their extensive studies, they discovered a strong and resilient market for high-quality living spaces in Manila located in key growth areas. 

PIK strategically placed their first development in the country in the progressive city of Mandaluyong, where major business districts are highly accessible, and land values are consistently appreciating.

Emphasizing the guiding principle PIK followed in the design of One Sierra, Nasrutdinov noted that quality, technology, and aesthetics are the top priorities.

We wanted to make sure that it would be a development fitting to carry the brand of PIK. As a first offering, we wanted to make sure we gave the market something different, something special to introduce Filipinos to European living,” he explained.

A Peek into the Premium Project

Designed with European standards in mind, One Sierra boasts premium features. Nasrutdinov said that the vertical community is a low-density residential development, offering units with generous floor areas. The studio units, for one, start at 32 square meters, larger than the usual floor area of 18 to 20 sqm.

In addition, the development complies with sustainability standards. Nasrutdinov shared, “We utilize energy-saving features, a water conservation system, and building backup features.”

Safety and security features form part of One Sierra’s premium design as well. Aside from the keycard access system, PIK features an automated parking system, the first of its kind for a residential development in the country, according to Nasrutdinov.

A comfortable lifestyle is within reach in One Sierra. On top of the large unit cuts and private, low-density spaces, the condos are customizable to suit different kinds of lifestyles, Macey explained. Future residents will be able to have easy access to health and wellness amenities. Its central location in Mandaluyong puts condo dwellers in close proximity to essential services.

Macey added, “PIK designs developments in such a way that these are modern homes that can be enjoyed for years to come, as they are timeless.”

Another unique feature in the premium development is its biophilic design. Given people’s intrinsic inclination towards nature, PIK designed One Sierra with the environment in mind. Macey said that they incorporated natural and sustainable materials such as wood and stone in both the exteriors and interiors of the project.

“Our units are spacious, airy, and light-filled. Our landscaping plays with the natural flora endemic to the country,” she added.

Compliant to Green Building Standards

While featuring greenery in their design, PIK goes one step further by employing principles of green building in its condo offering. This has allowed the company to future-proof their development, making it crisis-ready, even before the current pandemic. 

The project’s green building features include water-efficient fixtures, a building rainwater harvesting system, and provision for LED lights. 

“With its modern green building design and features, One Sierra is considered to be resilient to changes in the future,” Nasrutdino said.

Reiterating what Macey said, he emphasized that PIK designs adaptable, timeless spaces for individuals and families to enjoy.

This focus on sustainability has always been a priority for PIK, as it offers added value to property investors. Karlsen said that green buildings are more efficient to maintain. “[This] translates to lower costs for residents in the long run. Worldwide, the general trend shows that green buildings preserve their value better than normal units,” he noted.

Inside the green development of One Sierra, high-quality amenities abound. Giving a quick tour of the condo community, Nasrutdinov shared that the development will feature a modern, exclusive lobby at the ground level, and a relaxing lounge area. There will be a vitality pool and deck area, gym, a wellness zone, and a function room on the amenity floor.

The facilities are designed by PIK’s in-house designers, in collaboration with London-based lead architect Aidan Potter from John McAslan and Partners.

Inside One Sierra’s Modern Condo Units

The large unit cut in One Sierra is deliberately designed to add a sense of privacy and security for future residents. Macey said that this was made possible by having a low-density boutique development, incorporating adaptable layouts that accommodate home offices, and providing balconies as a private outdoor space.

Recognizing the growing trend of work-from-home, Karlsen is optimistic that their small office home office (SOHO) units are going to be appealing to young professionals and small business owners. Property seekers can have exclusive access to One Sierra’s central location and thoughtful amenities.

“These hybrid spaces between a residential condo and a convenient office space right in the living room uniquely cater to the growing need for work-life balance,” Karlsen shared.

Other than the huge cuts of spaces, One Sierra boasts of a stylish combination of lighting, natural materials, and views in its units. According to Nasrutdinov, this was a deliberate choice, channeling the timeless elegance of classic European modernism. 

Getting into the specifics, he stated, “The building’s modular facade is finished in textured precast concrete and glass. Carefully-curated lighting and natural materials like wood and stone enhance the interiors while full-height windows create airy, light-filled spaces, as well as panoramic views.”

Emphasizing the grand scenery available from One Sierra, he said that the corner units feature corner windows, as the units facing EDSA and Sierra Madre Street have private balconies that have glass balustrades. In addition, there are full-height glass storefronts for both sides of the building. 

An Enviable Address in the Metro

Convenience is among the top reasons property seekers consider living in Mandaluyong. Located at the heart of the capital region, the city provides easy access to essential establishments. But for PIK, this experience of convenience can still be elevated. One Sierra features a hassle-free solution for private transportation. With only a tap of the keycard, the automated parking system can park (and retrieve) the vehicle on its own.

Amid a global health crisis, with people considering their well-being, as well as household and work-from-home responsibilities, this convenience perk is valuable, Macey said.

Although One Sierra is a busy, high-traffic area, PIK ensures property investors that they can enjoy privacy and security. Aside from being a low-density community, Macey mentioned that the access to the building is strictly via a keycard. The entrances are manned with top security, as CCTVs are installed in common areas. 

With the strategic location of One Sierra in Mandaluyong, Karlsen foresees a promising capital appreciation in the next few years. The strong commercial and office market, as well as the retail and leisure areas in the city, are strong drivers for price growth. The availability of transportation infrastructure, namely the three MRT stations and the EDSA Greenways Project, likewise contributes to this trend.

Citing Lamudi price data, Karlsen shared that the condo values in Mandaluyong grew by 21 percent in the past three years. Based on this, the condo prices per square meter will increase by roughly 5 to 9 percent in the next year, and 31 percent to 35 percent in the next five years.

Sold under P250K per sqm, One Sierra features a competitive price in relation to other developments in Mandaluyong, considering its quality, amenities, and green building elements. Karlsen noted, “This, coupled with our  European and global quality standards, sets us apart even more.”

Industry Innovations and Disruptions

A pioneer of real estate innovations, PIK has been adopting modern solutions to not only make developments more sustainable, but also facilitate an easier, more efficient buying process for the market. 

“In Russia, we are the first developer to successfully implement 100% online sales. We think the Philippine market is ready to make this shift because buying your home doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process,” Nasrutdinov said. 

In the actual development process, PIK strives to introduce innovative solutions to adhere to sustainability standards. Aside from using construction technologies that lower carbon emissions, Nasrutdinov shared that they are into modular production, which speeds up turnover to clients. He said that this construction methodology is something the local market can expect from PIK.

“Modular production has great potential in Manila and other parts of the world. It helps cut down production costs and decreases turnaround time, so that clients and homebuyers can enjoy being a homeowner much more quickly,” Nasrutdinov explained.

While One Sierra is PIK’s first offering in the Philippines, it will certainly not be the company’s last, according to Karlsen.

“We are building a significant landbank in key areas in Metro Manila, and will launch a wide range of new projects in the future,” he added.


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