4 Essential Pieces For Your Scandinavian-Themed Home

Nowadays, our household items can either calm or overwhelm us. You’ve probably experienced spring cleaning your space and discovering several items collecting dust since you don’t use them often. Chances are many of these items were bought compulsively then stored, never to be seen again.

After clearing out your space, you might have decided to keep your space tidy and as minimal as possible. Now that you’ve decided which items to keep and throw away, it’s time to maintain your home while keeping it stylish. That said, consider Nordic or Scandinavian Minimalism.

Scandinavian-style Minimalism For Starters

The Scandinavian design maximizes practicality and space. In contrast to traditional minimalism, which stems from zen and religion, the Scandinavian style prioritizes functionality and uplifting the mood. In other words, a Scandinavian-inspired home might just create the relaxing and purposeful space you’ve always dreamed of while living in the city.

Here are five suitable pieces essential to creating a Scandinavian-style paradise in your condo, house, or apartment:

Under-the-bed Storage

Bedrooms can be quite tricky to design, especially if they have limited square footage like some of the single bed space apartments for rent in Quezon City. Save space in your sleeping quarters without compromising aesthetics and practicality by choosing beds that have storage underneath. Use them to store your clothes, shoes, books, and other beloved trinkets. You’ll have enough wall space to place a few vertical shelves to hold simple yet elegant decor or small plants.

If you share your apartment with a friend, bunkbeds are practical bed options. Instead of choosing the usual metal double-deck beds, search for Ikea-style ones to keep up with your Scandinavian-themed unit. Likewise, bunk beds are also perfect for creating another “room” under your bed. You can find many Nordic-style bunkbeds with bottom bunks you can reconstruct as your home office, art studio, or gaming hub. 

Sofas And Tables With Secret Compartments

Aside from beds with secret storage, your couch is also vital in keeping your living room organized and clutter-free. For example, a cool gray sofa–which has built-in storage to hide away your books, magazine, indoor slippers, and cleaning supplies–is perfect for some of the one- and two-bedroom apartments for rent in Makati. Units owners and renters will have comfortable seating while enjoying a clean and practical space.

Sofas aren’t the only things that offer hidden compartments. Many furniture stores sell ottomans and coffee tables that double as trunks where you can store all sorts of items that may become eyesores to your pristine space. Place these in your living room or bedroom to provide storage as well as stylish and comfortable seating.

Straight Lines And Geometric Shapes

Clean lines and geometric shapes are integral to the Scandinavian style. Accomplish your home’s crisp, straight lines by placing a rectangular rug with a muted color on your living area. Doing so will create a visual divider between the different areas of your home. If you’re buying new furniture sets, choose rectangular tables to highlight their straight edges.

For geometric shapes, choose Scandinavian-style decor that has subtle patterns of different shapes. You may choose from simple but artsy triangle-patterned art prints, a carpet filled with solid-colored shapes, or black-and-white paintings of repetitive shapes and patterns. While Scandinavian minimalism uses a neutral palette, don’t be scared to choose decorative patterns with bold accent colors. These will add more pop and mood to your rooms.

By incorporating straight lines and various shapes in your home’s interior design, you’ll create a balance between modernity, functionality, and simple elegance in your space.

Natural Accents

Like other minimalist designs, nature plays an important role in the Scandinavian style’s aim to uplift mood. However, that doesn’t mean you have to bring in all the house plants and train to become a plant parent. Start by maximizing your windows by removing anything that blocks light from entering. During hot summer days, open a few windows to let the humidity out and fresh, cool air inside.

If you want to start raising plants, add a few potted greens to your window sill or center coffee table, or hang some on your wall corners. For decor, choose pieces made from natural materials such as wooden sculptures, pine cones, and wooden or clay bowls.

Scandinavian minimalism is about practicality, space, and comfort. It may sound daunting to recreate the style in your home, but by choosing the right elements, you can turn your home into the Scandinavian abode of warmth, functionality, and modernity.


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