Living Green: 10 Eco-Friendly Residences in the Philippines

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Ecologically conscious Filipinos will enjoy the environmental, economic, health, and sociological benefits of these sustainable residential developments.

With today’s growing awareness of the seriousness of global warming, people are becoming more conscious of how their actions affect the environment. Aside from clean-up projects and efforts to educate the public, more businesses specializing in eco-friendly products are also emerging, from reusable grocery bags to bamboo toothbrushes.

Things are changing at the real estate front, too, with more eco-friendly residential developments sprouting all over the country. Aside from having a positive impact on the environment, so-called green residential properties also offer numerous economic and social benefits, making them more beneficial in the long run.

Make an eco-friendly business move by investing in any of these sustainable residential developments in the Philippines.


Alphaland Makati Place

Makati City

Alphaland Makati Place is a 55-floor, high-end residential tower by Alphaland Corporation. Every detail of the residence is planned for efficiency and sustainability to ensure the comfort of its tenants and guests.

To start with, the materials and paints used in the building have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The tower also has an efficient water system with its low-flush water fixtures and low-flow aerated faucets and showerheads, saving water consumption by 35 percent.

One of Alphaland Makati’s unique offerings is the Home Automation System. With this, unit owners have full access and control over their homes by just using a tablet. With one touch, owners can switch off all lights and even adjust its brightness level to their liking. Lights and A/C units also have motion sensors and can be programmed to automatically switch off when a room is unoccupied.

Green living in Alphaland Makati does not stop within the room.  The building’s intentional placement of foliage, shading, and high reflectance reduce the urban heat island effect, allowing residents to save 25 percent on their electricity bills.

A thousand parking spaces are constructed underground to also reduce the heat island effect. A specific parking area is provided for alternative fuel vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Also, rainwater is collected and used to water the building’s plants.   

This project earned a Gold level of certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) under the administration of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) rating system.



Arya Residences

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Arya Residences of Arthaland is the first LEED residential condominium up for Gold certification in the country and the property that served as a benchmark for vertical residential projects of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC)’s Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE). Moreover, it’s the first residential development to achieve dual green building certification from both LEED and BERDE.

The noise-proof walls of Arya Residences are coated with low VOC paint and sealants. The building is strategically oriented considering the sun path and wind circulation to maximize natural daylight and natural ventilation. Use of low-emissivity glass windows keep the outside heat out while still letting in visible light and allowing gentle winds inside.

Locally resourced high quality and eco-friendly sustainable materials were used to make low-maintenance yet sturdier fixtures. This move helped not only in boosting local business, but also in reducing harmful fuel emissions caused by material transport.

Arya Residences has a water-conscious landscape design. Harvested rainwater and treated greywater are used through the dual-piping system for its exterior landscape maintenance. The building’s efficient faucets and water fixtures helped conserve up to 40% of water. It also houses local vegetation that requires minimal care.

Basic amenities such as hospitals, institutions, and commercial and business areas surround the residence. Bicycle racks are provided to encourage biking.


Botanika Nature Residences

Alabang, Muntinlupa City

‘A condo complex laid out in a big garden’ is how Botanika Nature Residences is described. Filinvest Development Corporation partnered with Ecotektonika in ensuring an authentic green building set in a lush setting.

Staying true to its objective of bringing nature into an urban setting, the residential condominium is a leaf-shaped design when viewed from above. This structure causes the ‘stacking effect,’ wherein the air travels down to the center of the building cooling it down until it reaches the lobby. This creates a ‘Venturi effect’ or a wind tunnel leaving the area fresh and breezy. Materials used in the building are locally sourced, lowering the development’s carbon footprint.

Natural ventilation was achieved as several windows were placed along half of the regularly occupied spaces. Energy efficient lighting fixtures and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning units help minimize the use of electrical energy. The surrounding landscape features indigenous and drought-resistant plants, turning the landscape into a big garden.

This project secured a three-star certification from the PhilGBC’s BERDE program.


Elements Residence

Pasig City

GFL Metro Communities, Inc. is committed to bringing quality, well-thought-out, and environmentally conscious living spaces. The ‘Eco-Efficient Features’ of its Nerou and Aire Tower is one of the highlights of the Elements Residence. Both structures use solar panels converting sunlight into electricity, resulting in reduced overall energy consumption. The residence also uses energy-efficient LED lights, saving up to 80 percent of the electricity requirements.

The Aire Tower has a sky and hanging garden rich in vegetation and foliage, which helps lower air temperature, absorbs rainwater, and provides insulation to counter the tropical heat.

Both towers also have a unique catchment facility for rainwater, which is used to maintain the green areas. Low-flow technology is applied in every water outlet in the towers to conserve water. Smart controllers allow owners to cut overall operational cost, thus resulting in a more resourceful living.

Proactive recycling is also implemented throughout the residence.  


Palmas Verdes

Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Palmas Verdes is the one and only green residential community in Dagupan City. This subdivision by Arcinué Development Corporation practices compassion not only for its people and community but also for the environment and the planet.

Houses have high ceilings and bigger windows permitting natural lighting and quality air ventilation. Each is provided with rainwater catchment system and uses solar power.

The care does not stop there. Palmas Verdes also advocates going and living green for its residents and employees. These programs focus on each and everyone’s well-being, as well as their physical and spiritual development.


Paseo Verde at Real

Las Piñas City

Paseo Verde at Real by the Lucent Evermore Estate, Inc. (LEED Inc.) is a mid-rise condominium development with green features and amenities. Accredited by BERDE for its steps toward promoting a sustainable community, the project goes above and beyond in promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

This small community has solar-powered streetlights and a rain catchment facility. Included in the list of its energy-saving amenities are bike facilities, bike lanes, bike racks, and charging stations for e-bikes. The three-tower project makes use of recycled construction materials such as recycled woods for its doorframes and door jams. Pocket gardens are also planted in the middle of every residential floor, improving the quality of indoor air.

Paseo Verde at Real offers a one-day green living seminar to its unit owners.


Primavera Residences

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental

Primavera Residences by Italpinas Development Corporation prides itself on being the first eco-friendly building in CDO. It promises to preserve the environment while providing an affordable shelter to the middle market.

Its rooftop alone is equipped with a photovoltaic system using solar panels for energy production. This lets residents save up to 20 percent. A shadow cooling system in the form of Brise Soleil by the building’s façade and external louvers minimizes direct sun exposure, providing a sun-shading system for the units below it.

The building is specially designed to act like a chimney with its geo-cooling system. When hot air passes, it goes up and escapes the building. As the air rises, it leaves a natural breeze inside, cooling the building. The Primavera Residences also has a water recycling and a rain harvesting system. The amount of CO2 emissions neutralized by this residential development is equivalent to the effect of planting around 20,000 trees.


The Boni Tower

Mandaluyong City

Developed by RSP Lim Construction Company, Boni Tower is the first building in Mandaluyong City to ever receive a BERDE Certification.

The property has a recycled water technology and a solar panel energy system. The water used by the residents are collected and recycled for secondary purposes such as flushing toilets, watering plants, and cleaning cars. The solar panels help lower the energy consumption of the whole building. It has heat-resistant window illumination to lessen the use of air-cooling systems, and a vegetated roof deck garden to clean the air and to serve as a mini-park to unit owners and guests.


The Grand Midori

Makati City

The Grand Midori by Federal Land, Inc. is a Zen-inspired sanctuary fusing Filipino artistry with Japanese discipline. This luxury residential condominium offers a cost-efficient way of living while highlighting comfort and sustainability despite the fast-paced urban setting it is in.

The Grand Midori is an ecologically sustainable building that promises to bring a sense of wellness and relaxation to its occupants. The condo has an excellent natural lighting system, good ventilation, and an efficient water system that earned its LEED certification. Pocket Zen gardens and koi ponds are also placed in common areas of the building.


Ylang Lane Townhouses

New Manila, Quezon City

Ylang Lane, developed by Mañosa Properties, is an exclusive townhouse development created around the design philosophy of “contemporary Filipino green architecture.” It is PHILGBC’s pilot project of BERDE for horizontal townhouse development.

Local materials are used in construction such as bamboo for the flooring and narra for the señorita stairs. Each unit has a rainwater harvester for landscape maintenance, car wash, and other household functions. The project was well-designed with resourceful landscaping, water conservation features, and energy-saving spaces letting in natural lighting and ventilation.


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