Digital Normal: 4 Ways to Build a Stronger Online Presence

Even before the pandemic, a strong online presence is a must-have for real estate brokerage success. Today, in the midst of a health crisis, this must-have has taken a new level of necessity. Under strict stay-at-home measures, it’s hard to find prospective clients physically. Fewer people go to malls and those who do, don’t bother staying around pop-up booths to listen to agent’s pitches. In the new normal, the way is digital.

With everyone diving online, the digital world now becomes even more competitive. A stronger online presence becomes crucial. It’s not enough to be where people are. You should use strategies that grab attention. Here’s how you can start:

On Listing Platforms: Write Picture-Painting Descriptions

Your listings should provide complete and correct information about the property, that’s a given. But to make it stand out in the sea of ads, you should write descriptions that make clients envision the space they’re buying. Instead of saying the house and lot has a large backyard, write that it has a big outdoor area perfect for entertaining guests and hosting parties. Rather than simply jotting down the appliances included in the condominium space, talk about the brands of those equipment.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be partnering with a brand that has features worth boasting about. Consider joining Moldex Brokers Network, a professional network of licensed brokers under Moldex Realty, Inc. that has over 30 years of industry experience. With a reputable brand like this, you can expect notable features in projects.

On Social Media: Produce Different Types of Content

Use photos, infographics, videos, gifs, links, and even whitepaper. Why the variety? Apart from avoiding a monotonous stream of content, you’ll be able to engage different kinds of social media users. This widens the reach of your content, and increases the likelihood of a wider range of prospective clients coming in.

What’s good about Moldex Brokers Network is that since you’re part of a success-oriented team, you’ll be learning a lot in terms of the best practices in social media marketing. What’s more, their projects cater to a wide range of real estate buyers. MetroGate Prime Subdivisions cater to accomplished professionals and growing families. Heritage Homes accommodates first-time home buyers and multi-generational dwellers. The Grand Series High-Rise Towers serves urban professionals and entrepreneurs, while Moldex Residences Mid-Rise Condominiums houses starting families and vacation home seekers. Over time, dealing with these clients gives you a good grasp of the kind of people your social media strategies should engage.

On Your Website: Show Your Expertise

Write a blog about the success stories of your clients. If you’ve given a talk to events or offered interviews to industry-related shows, link those videos up on your website. These will not only expand your digital footprint but also give your prospective clients an idea of what kind of professional you are — which is ultimately the reason you’re improving your online presence.

If you’re still starting out in the real estate career and have to build up your expertise and credibility, joining the Moldex Brokers Network would be to your advantage. Since you’re in a team, you’ll learn from other professionals. You’ll pick up skills and knowledge from your team leader who has years of experience. Plus, you’re serving different local real estate markets, namely Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Baguio, and Metro Manila. In a year’s time, you’ll be gaining a ton of knowledge working in these areas.

All Over the Web: Participate

Engage with online communities. As you leave your name in these spaces, you’ll further increase your digital presence. At the same time, people will start to notice you. In social media, join real-estate-related groups and be active in commenting on people’s posts. You’ll find that the majority of them will be asking about how to budget for a home or what a good location is–questions you can answer yourself. Once people see that you offer valuable information to their queries, they’ll be the very ones who will get in touch with you.

Once that happens, prepare to be more active than ever. For sure, your now-client will have more concerns to share with you. The good thing about joining Moldex Brokers Network is that there’s a dedicated support team that manages and caters brokers’ transactions to make sure that clients are happy and satisfied.

The new normal is digital. If you want to be the broker that wins clients, improve your online presence. Start today by being a member of Moldex Brokers Network. 


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