Life at its Most Convenient: The Pillars of the Microtownship Lifestyle

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What was once a dream lifestyle is now a reality for many urban dwellers: being able to do everything without leaving the comforts of home. It’s what real estate experts call the microtownship lifestyle. A microtownship refers to close-knit, modern residential communities equipped with their own amenities. As a way of life, the microtownship lifestyle means living the culture of convenience, with people maximizing the amenities within their reach.

The microtownship lifestyle hinges on three major pillars. By looking at these three, you’ll get a pretty good picture of what the lifestyle really means.


The microtownship lifestyle allows dwellers to experience modern comforts in their property. For instance, condo units today are designed to make maintenance hassle-free. Take the case of an emerging development in Cebu City: Taft East Gate.

Step inside one of its units’ kitchen spaces and you’ll find no-drip countertops. Designers from Taft Properties intentionally elevated edges on sink countertops to prevent spills. Meanwhile, the bathroom is designed to make hygiene upkeep easier (and less messy). Future residents can keep their shower area clean, keeping unwanted pooling of water, without breaking a sweat. In addition, the wood door is moisture-resistant, so you get the aesthetics of a rustic home, without worrying about peeling or bulging.

Aside from the hassle-free maintenance, the actual use of amenities becomes simpler in microtownship residential units. All around Taft East Gate units, for instance, you’ll see lever-type door handles. They’re a small, almost insignificant accessory, but once you use them, you’ll never go back to using doorknobs, twisting your wrist just to open doors. Taft East Gate units are also furnished with light switches positioned at lower locations on walls to make them accessible to every dweller, even kids.


A microtownship features not only residential areas but also office spaces at the anchor podium. With this, condo residents are able to find job and business opportunities right outside their doorstep. At the same time, top talents and entrepreneurs working in towering buildings are able to find a home a few feet away from their offices.

In the case of Taft East Gate, it’s situated right in the middle of Cebu Business Park, which is home to business process outsourcing, healthcare, hospitality, and marketing companies, among others.

But you probably wouldn’t need to get out of your condo building just to get to work. Tower 1 of Taft East Gate not only features residential spaces, but also 6,145 square meters of office space, plus three basement parking levels for commercial tenants. Think of going to work or meeting clients as merely riding the elevator and walking a few steps. The peak of convenience, right? No more traffic jams. No long waiting lines. Just easy and simple.


Microtownships are also enviable for the amenities they offer to residents. While the strategic location helps residents be near commercial establishments, say, restaurants, cafes, and malls, its facilities also serve as play spaces where people can unwind and relax.

In Taft East Gate, you can de-stress and shake the work drama away at the swimming pool or in the gardens. Use the gym or the designated jogging paths to get your daily dose of happy hormones. Kids will also have their own entertainment space, so they can enjoy socializing with other children. And in case you want to host big parties or celebrations with your friends or colleagues, there are function halls in the complex you can rent.

In addition, Tower 1 of Taft East Gate features a total of 2,514 square meters of retail space. You can expect fashion brands and food hubs to fill up that zone. In the same manner that you’re only going up and down the elevator to go to work, you’ll have plenty of dining options with just a push of a button. Basically, in microtownships, you get to have a fun dining experience without leaving your home.

The combination of comfort, convenience, and flair defines the microtownship lifestyle. Its principle is simple: making people’s lives easier. If convenience is your priority in your next home sweet home, consider making your way to a microtownship.

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