How to Settle on a Location for Your Condo Purchase? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Seeking the best location for your condo property? You must ask yourself some important questions to make the right choice. Remember that location can dictate how livable and profitable your property will be, making the “location, location, location” mantra still relevant today.

While real estate isn’t all about location, this should be your top priority to ensure a worthy and rewarding investment. Finding the best one can be quite challenging, but answering the following questions may help ease the process: 

What’s My Priority? 

When buying a condo unit, everyone has priorities. Some want to dab in property investing, while others plan to build a family, downsize, or retire. 

When considering any location, know what you want in acquiring a condo property. If it’s a new and upgraded home you want, you’ll do well in choosing a condo with premium, spacious units complemented by wellness-focused amenities. If it’s the extra income you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a condo property near key business districts and essential establishments.

For a home that can double as an investment, this is where condo projects like Sky Regency Residences come into play. It is strategically located in Metro Manila, offering the convenience and property appreciation that both homeowners and investors look for. 

Located in Pasay City, Sky Regency Residences will be the tallest condo building along EDSA-Ortigas, offering ergonomically-designed units fit for various life goals. 

Does the Area Have Growth Potential? 

Live an opportunity-filled life at the transit-oriented Sky Regency Residences in Pasay – Artist’s Perspective

If you seek to live in a fast-growing city, expect a property that increases in value faster than the others. Pasay is one example of such city, where the liveliest economic activities happen. This area is home to several shopping centers, prominent art galleries, and a wide range of entertainment facilities. 

Another factor contributing to Pasay’s growth potential is its transport infrastructure development. Experience living in a condo unit just a stone’s throw away from LRT-1 and local bus companies, and a few minutes away from the transport terminals of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

The rise of new developments in Pasay, which includes Sky Regency Residences, indicates that it’s an area of high demand. It is highly accessible, vibrant, and offers endless opportunities. 

Is the Property in a Highly Secure Location?

Certainly, you want your real estate asset to be secure at all times, so it’s crucial to check its safety features. The good news is that most condo properties are highly secured against threats to property, but some further exceed expectations. 

Sky Regency Residences offers reliable 24/7 security, a fire detection alarm system (FDAS), and a backup generator system for emergency situations. It has also thoughtfully considered including a PWD parking area for those with mobility limitations. 

Does the Location Fit My Future?

Build your best future at Sky Regency Residences, surrounded by modern conveniences and refreshing amenities – Artist’s Perspective

To those who think that a rental business will be their bread and butter, pick a location that could easily attract long-term or short-term renters, or both. With that in mind, Pasay remains the best choice with its proximity to business hubs, commercial centers, and transportation networks. The nearby airport also makes it the go-to place for foreign or business travelers seeking short-term accommodations. 

For family-oriented or business-minded property buyers, Sky Regency Residences in Pasay remains an excellent choice. Nestled in a highly-coveted location, it provides amenities that cater to the modern city lifestyle and can increase rental values. These include a wrap-around jogging path, multiple swimming pools, a tai chi area, a function room, and WiFi access within the amenity area, among many others.

When finding a location for your condo purchase, the ultimate goal is to assess if the area will allow you to live a more satisfying life. Ask yourself the right questions and only consider the best options in the market, including the condo units for sale at Sky Regency Residences.


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