Here’s How Condo Living Can Help You Build a Happy Family

Raising a family is a lifelong commitment and a fulfilling job. There’s no one way to do it, but it’s easier when you’re in a family-friendly condo development. 

Indeed, gone are the days when residential options for families are limited to single-family houses. Projects like The Levels in Filinvest City, Alabang prove that condo living opens new possibilities for start-up families.

So what does it take to build a happy family, and how does condo living help? Here are some key points to answer these questions: 

Pick Up Healthy Habits 

Health and wellness impact the quality of life for families. This is why having a home that encourages healthy habits is crucial. 

You can achieve this by choosing a home with a thoughtful mix of amenities like The Levels. This condo by Aspire by Filinvest inspires residents to move more and have fun. Its huge gardens are perfect for morning strolls, while its clubhouse is suitable for social gatherings.

By spending time at the condo’s pool areas, fitness center, table tennis room, and billiards and darts room, you can get the exercise you need without even realizing it. Amenities of The Levels put the fun in the fundamentals of healthy living. They promote movement, stress management, and strong bonds among families. 

The location of The Levels, which is within a walkable neighborhood, also makes it easy to reach daily step count goals. Life’s essentials are within walking distance, promoting active and convenient living. A central park is also a few steps away from the condo, and as you make your way through this green space, you’ll see that exercise and outdoor activities abound within Filinvest City.

Balance Your Work and Home Life

The Levels Condo Unit
Have a quiet workspace inside your new home at The Levels, Alabang – Artist’s Perspective

How you manage your home life and career also impacts your relationship with your family. When everything is balanced, you have more energy to give your children and partner the attention they need. 

Hence, choose a condo with a strategic location like The Levels. Since it’s inside Filinvest City, Alabang’s premier township, you can enjoy traffic-free commutes, giving you more time for family commitments. Your loved ones will be happy to see more of you, and you can still have a life away from home.

However, if you’re among those who want to work remotely, The Levels offers a spacious home where you can have your own office area. The project has two-bedroom and three-bedroom units measuring 53 to 72 square meters. With such ample space, you can also have a designated study area for the kids or a game room for everyone. 

Grow in a Safe Home Environment 

Safety will always be a priority for families. So you should know that the definition of a safe home is changing. It’s no longer just about having fire alarms, smoke detectors, and robust door locks. It now includes sustainability features because an eco-friendly home is also a safe environment to grow up in. 

This is why The Levels in Filinvest City is ideal for families. The township is both LEED and BERDE-certified and is the only business district in the country to be green-certified. Filinvest City gained multiple certifications from the US Green Building Council and Philippine Green Building Council, making it a green business hub in Alabang where you can practice sustainable city living. 

Reducing car dependency is also possible when you live at The Levels since you will be minutes away from essential establishments. Workplaces like Parkway Corporate Center and Northgate Cyberzone are within the township, as well as lifestyle destinations like Palms Country Club, Westgate Center, and Crimson Hotel. 

Further, the urban district has its own Emergency Response Group and Crisis Management team, fire station, and advanced life support ambulances. All these add to the sense of safety you will feel while living at The Levels. 

Set Family Goals

The Levels Facade
Achieve your family goals while having fun at The Levels in Filinvest City, Alabang – Actual Photo

By setting goals and achieving them together, you can improve the bonding aspect of your family life. Every day at The Levels, you and your loved ones will have something to look forward to. You can learn a new hobby, cook together, or spend time in the amenity area.

By setting achievable goals, you can also create lasting memories and strengthen relationships. Start on this journey by moving into the Burbank Tower of The Levels. It offers units suitable for your family’s needs, ready for occupancy upon reaching the 2.5% payment milestone.

With a convenient location, spacious units, and leisure facilities, this kind of condo home sets the tone for a fulfilled family life.

Learn more about The Levels through this link.


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