How This Condo Development Makes Sustainable Lifestyle Easy

Green is in, especially among home buyers. Aside from finding the most enviable location in the metro or the condo development with the best amenities, house hunting is now about getting a home that allows us to live a life conscious of our environmental impact.

Compelled by the growing movement of eco-friendly lifestyle, a number of real estate developers have recently been embracing sustainability in their projects. Russian builder PIK is one of those firms, a developer that has been building with sustainability for close to three decades, long before entering the Philippine market.

The leading homebuilder and construction company in Europe and Russia, PIK has perfected projects that homeowners can enjoy for years. The maiden offering in the country One Sierra boasts not only of a strategic location in Mandaluyong but also of green building technologies. Moving to this transit-oriented community, you can embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle without a hassle. Here’s how:

Reduced Energy Consumption

One Sierra has sensor lighting in key strategic areas of amenities and parking facilities. When these technologies detect motion, they automatically light up. Because they’re activated only when necessary, they help reduce energy consumption in the building, minimizing the property’s carbon footprint.

What exactly are the amenities included in this development? Well, you’re in for a pampering treat. One Sierra features a relaxing pool and deck area, a kids pool, a wellness area, a stylish lobby and lounge spaces, and private function rooms. You will have the peace of mind and guilt-free pleasure of enjoying the indulgent atmosphere and the reduced carbon footprint.

One Sierra – Artist’s Illustration

Recycled and Reused Water

The plumbing system in One Sierra recycles water from the sewage treatment plant and transfers it to a non-potable water tank used for landscape irrigation and water closet flushing in common areas. This eases the demand (and burden) on freshwater supplies coming from natural bodies of waters, such as lakes and rivers, as well as reservoirs.

What’s more, the 30-story condominium building has a rainwater collector tank, which stores rainwater to be used again for irrigation and water closet flushing. With this system, you can participate in water conservation efforts without breaking a sweat.

Efficient Building Management System

Once One Sierra is operational, its tech-enabled building management system would allow efficient monitoring and maintenance of utilities, such as pumps, fans, and electric metering in common areas, particularly ensuring strategically located carbon monoxide sensors in covered parking areas are in good working order to monitor carbon monoxide levels. With the use of Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) materials, One Sierra further reduces toxic emissions and organic pollutants.

The proactive management of the building helps extend the life of the equipment used inside the premises, reducing waste and the need to replace it every now and then.

One Sierra – Artist’s Illustration

This also translates to convenience and safety for residents. You won’t have to worry about broken equipment posing a threat or interrupting your daily routine.

Low-Density Community

One of the hallmarks of a green building is promoting the health and wellness of residents. One Sierra gives a lot of emphasis on this priority by keeping a small number of residential units per floor. Its design allows 10 units only per level. In the age of pandemic, where safety means limited social interactions and heightened physical distancing, this particular design works to the advantage of future condo residents.

The low-density community offers three types of units, which are notably bigger than the standard sizes in the market. The studio, for one, comes with 31.91 to 37.47 sqm. The one-bedroom has 54.09 to 57.21 sqm, while the two-bedroom features 84.03 sqm. All these have flexible interior layouts suitable for different kinds of homeowners, from newlyweds and starting families to growing families and executives who need more room for bonding with loved ones.

One Sierra – Artist’s Illustration

Full-Height Windows

Lighting fixtures and air conditioning equipment are among the most used appliances in the home. They are among the “energy hogs”, which jack up energy consumption. In One Sierra, it’s easy to do away with the use of these appliances because of the full-height windows that maximize natural light and facilitate ventilation in the space.

With full-height windows, you’re not just reducing your environmental impact. You can also experience the warm sunlight and witness the majestic city views, which ultimately contribute to better psychological well-being.

The path towards providing the future generations a better planet and a fuller, more meaningful life starts with a lifestyle change in us now, in our homes, where we spend most of our time. If you’re ready to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, consider One Sierra in your options.

Committed to developing the best global solution for sustainable, carbon-neutral, and energy-efficient construction, PIK exercises keen attention to detail in their project. This property developer uses state-of-the-art construction technologies to design and build beautiful, functional, and durable homes, one you would be proud to own.

If you’re interested to know more about One Sierra by PIK, check out the development on Lamudi.


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