Avida Land is ‘Ready for More’ as it Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Renowned property developer Avida Land introduces the month-long campaign Ready for More in celebration of their 30th year in the industry. With the initiative, the company aims to make property seekers feel sure, secure, and safe in their investments, enabling them to face whatever life has in store.

The pandemic has changed the entire buying and living landscape of the real estate market. Technology plays a big role now, all human activities are concentrated at home, and everybody’s on the search for a crisis-ready investment. 

Against this backdrop, the Ayala Land subsidiary offers services that focus solely on supporting new normal needs. Ultimately, they want to help their clients be ready for more, regardless of what it is, obstacles or opportunities.

Reaching More Filipinos Through Lamudi

Strengthening further their digital visibility, Avida Land has expanded its reach by partnering with real estate listing platform Lamudi. The company hopes to inform the market further about home options that suit their lifestyle needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget.

Interested buyers can easily filter through such property choices on the Lamudi platform. At the same time, all the necessary information is there, from the number of bedrooms and baths to floor dimensions down to the establishments near the property. With Avida Land’s presence on Lamudi, they make the buying experience less tedious for seekers.

Together with property platform Lamudi, Avida Land takes their month-long anniversary celebration online. On October 17, industry experts will hold a talk about the new normal, featuring Rex Mendoza, President and CEO of Rampver Financials. On October 24, Avida will launch its designer living spaces by Gussy Design.

Meanwhile, interested individuals can catch Avida Land’s fundraising online concert starring the Manila Symphony Orchestra on October 30.

An Avida Land Home in the New Normal

Through the Homepossible: Ready for More initiative, Avida offers a safe buying and living experience. Partnering with Gussy Design, they introduced Avida 360 Showroom, virtual tours of their properties. With the digital material, interested buyers can go on a property tour without ever leaving the comfort and safety of homes. A few clicks and taps would allow clients to explore rooms and envision what it’s like living in an Avida Land property. 

Moreover, buyers can dive into the walkthrough whenever they want, at the pace they prefer. There’s no viewing schedule to follow since the digital material is accessible all day every day.

Homepossible: Ready for More provides more than aesthetic digital representation of their spaces. Avida Land has collaborated with Rags2Riches and Messy Bessy, organizations that promote local artisans and all-natural home products, for the company’s limited edition 30th year merchandise.

Supporting local artisans, the real estate developer gives curated decorations to Avida homeowners in an initiative that not only promotes Filipino culture, but more importantly brings warmth to the new home. Once clients move in, they can embrace being ready for more, from the 24/7 grind and multi-hyphenated lifestyle to life celebrations and passion discoveries.

Throughout the buyer’s journey until they settle down, Avida Land ensures that clients have a sure, secure, and safe experience.

Empowered Buyers, Better Investments

Committed to further elevating customer service and making a difference in the property sector, Avida Land aims to offer more value-adding services despite the disruptions brought by the pandemic. They primarily aim to educate buyers better and reassure them, especially in this time of great uncertainty.

The current crisis, as many are aware, has brought various changes and challenges to the industry. As a result, many have concerns about investing. Some wonder when it is the right time to buy, while others want to know what they need to look for in a property to make sure it is ready for future crises.

Acknowledging these concerns, Avida Land will be sharing real estate investing advice in the new normal with Rex Mendoza this October 17. Buyers can learn leasing, flipping, and reselling strategies that can help grow their property investments further. There will also be a discussion on the new normal of real estate standards and living experience.

Celebrating 30 years in the industry, Avida Land is ready for more. From innovations to partnerships down to education, the company is all set to provide better services to the property market. In so doing, they hope that buyers will, in turn, be ready for more.


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