4 Ways This Affordable Condo Allows Residents to Live Large

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For most Filipinos, to live in a condo is to live luxuriously. It’s the modern definition of a sophisticated lifestyle in the urban setting. This image, however, is slowly changing with the rise of affordable condo units. Yes, some of them are in the fringes, but others are right in the city center. Lapu-Lapu City, for one, is home to these. One of its most popular communities is the Pacific Grande Residences.

The developer, Pacific Grande Realty and Development Corp., started its business as a response to the significant lack of low-cost residential housing units in the region. From the get-go, their projects are geared towards making homes that don’t have hefty price tags but still reflect the aspirational lifestyle. This is what sets Pacific Grande Residences apart from the others. 

Here are the specific ways the community makes it possible for residents to live large at an affordable price:

It Comes with Leisure Spaces

The recreational facilities in condos are often the defining mark of sophisticated living. Dwellers are able to enjoy hotel-like amenities whenever they want. It’s like a vacation all year round. The best thing about it is they don’t need to worry about maintenance. 

At Pacific Grande Residences, the complex is likewise furnished with “play spaces” people from all walks of life can enjoy. For families, they can enjoy weekend bonding time over at the condo’s community swimming pool. Fitness enthusiasts can likewise do their morning workouts here. For professionals who are looking for some peace and quiet, they can relax looking at landscaped spaces around the complex after lounging at the pool deck. At these leisure spaces, it will be easy for you to meet neighbors and feel a sense of community.

It’s Also Near the City’s Recreational Areas

The convenience a condo gives to residents adds to its sophistication. Being able to shop for groceries and get a cup of coffee without hassle makes condo living enviable. Pacific Grande Residences dwellers can easily live this reality.

When you want a change in scenery for relaxation or family bonding, you can easily drop by leisure spaces outside the condo, given that they’re only a few minutes’ drive away. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner with the family at a nearby seafood restaurant. Get your nails done at the salon. On Sundays, attend community activities in neighboring places of worship. 

It Gives You Much-Needed Peace and Quiet

Another feature that makes condo living sophisticated is its tranquil atmosphere. It’s free from any disturbances even in the middle of a busy district. The master plan of Pacific Grande Residences allows this kind of ambiance in its premises.

Even residents on the ground floor will not have to worry about the noises from vehicles because all the cars and motorcycles park in the basement. The landscaped spaces also add to the feel of peace and quiet. Beyond these features, there’s a real sense of “peace,” as the entire building is equipped with safety features, including fire exits, alarms, and sprinkler systems. Common areas also have video surveillance. You can count on 24/7 security from the management at Pacific Grande Residences.

It Exposes You to Career Opportunities

Location is often what drives home prices up. The proximity to offices and the ease of going to work is a luxurious convenience you’re paying for in that heavy price tag. At Pacific Grande Residences, however, prices remain affordable even if it’s located in the center of Lapu-Lapu City. 

The building is near workplaces that you can even walk to the office and not worry about getting stuck in traffic. Its nearness to the city is also complemented by its proximity to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA). From your home, getting to work and going to the airport for future business trips won’t be a problem for you. When you’re just starting out in your career or building your family, being close to your workplace and to other avenues of career growth is crucial in broadening opportunities and helping you save more in the future.

A condo, with its strategic location and enviable amenities, can be right within your home buying budget, even as a budding professional or a growing family. That is, when you make Pacific Grande Residences your choice. Make the right choice and live large in this affordable condo.


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