7 Affordable Cities in Mindanao

Mindanao is the second largest principal Island of the Philippine archipelago. It is known for being the land of promise for its rich natural resources, biodiversity, must-visit tourist spots, and well-preserved cultural traditions. Residing here would be ideal for people who enjoy living in a peaceful and nature-friendly place with various cuisines, diverse cultures and practices, and stunning destinations. Moreover, it is considered one of the country’s fastest-growing economies, particularly in the agricultural sector, so you can even start your career by applying to various employment opportunities. 

Despite its enticing tourist spots and growing economy, you can still live affordably and comfortably. Here are some affordable cities you can check out or consider if you want to reside in this area. 

Digos City

Digos is a provincial city of Davao Del Sur. It is popularly known as the Gate City of the South because travelers pass by the town whenever they head to Davao, General Santos, and Cotabato. Moreover, it is considered the home of the sweetest mangoes in Mindanao that are sold locally and internationally. In addition, residing here offers plenty of benefits. These benefits include access to various commercial establishments, affordable products, a balance of nature and urban lifestyle, a diverse community, and many opportunities. 

If you plan on getting a house for sale in Digos City, it usually costs around Php 15,800 per square meter. In addition, a monthly budget of more or less Php 25,000 is enough for sa single person to sustain the needs, but it still depends on lifestyle.

Koronadal City

Koronadal is one of the fastest-growing cities in South Cotabato. Apart from its cultural and agricultural gems, it is the best place to invest in a property or do business since it was hailed in 2005 and 2006 as the most business-friendly city in Mindanao. Mesmerizing destinations and essential establishments surround the area, making it easy for you to access your needs and maintain a work-life balance.

Despite its ongoing development, living in Koronadal is inexpensive, and you can survive on a monthly budget of Php 15,000. Additionally, if you plan to buy a house for sale in Koronadal City, the property costs around Php 26,900 per square meter and starts at Php 850,000. 

Davao City

Hailed as the Crown Jewel of the South, Davao City boasts many advantages like convenience, safety, pristine beaches, less pollution, and proximity to natural wonders. Furthermore, it is the next investment property hub because of its progressing real estate development and business establishment. 

For people interested in starting to build their homes in Davao City, a house for sale in Davao City starts at Php 450,000. On the other hand, an apartment for rent in Davao City can cost as low as Php 2,000 per month.

Iligan City

When it comes to Philippine natural wonders, Iligan prides itself as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. Living in Iligan helps you achieve a peaceful quality of life, an ideal place for retirees or property seekers who want to reside in a place near crystal clear waterfalls and adventurous destinations. What’s more, the city has many establishments, parks and an affordable cost of living. 

Price-wise, houses and lots for sale in Iligan City cost around Php 5,880 per square meter, which is three to five times lower than in other cities, particularly in Metro Manila. 

General Santos City

General Santos, also known as GenSan, is a 1st class highly urbanized city in South Cotabato. It is famously known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines as it is the largest producer of sashimi-grade tuna in the country. On top of that, its affordable cost of living draws in seekers to purchase a property here.

That said, a house and lot for sale in GenSan City starts at Php 850,000 for a rowhouse, while a house for rent starts at Php 8,500 per month.

Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City is the fifth-most populous city by land area in the Philippines and the commercial and industrial center of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region. A flagship tourism destination in the Peninsula, the city boasts pink sand beaches and picturesque sandbars. Additionally, Zamboanga City offers a stable economy, mainly due to its sardine industry and the presence of the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone.

If you plan to buy a property or house for sale in Zamboanga City, it typically costs around 13,900 per square meter and starts at Php 1.8 million for a spacious two-bedroom house.

Surigao City

The City of Island Adventure, Surigao City, is famous for its alluring white beaches and mountains. It has many tourist attractions, leisure areas, and essential establishments. It is also the political, commercial, and industrial center of Surigao del Norte, perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can also find business and employment opportunities in the agricultural, retail, and mining industries.

house and lot for sale in Surigao City retails between Php 1.1million to Php 280 million and starts at Php 11,600 per square meter.

Mindanao offers a balance between a thriving economy and rich natural resources, making it a popular option for those looking for a new place to live. Its affordable cities guarantee that you don’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy its numerous benefits.

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