Live the Affordable and Accessible Countryside Lifestyle in Capiz

With its natural beauty, dotted with beaches and waterfalls, and breathtaking historical gems in the form of shrines and ruins, Capiz is one of the top tourist hotspots in the Visayas region. Its proximity to the province of Aklan, especially to the island of Boracay, gives people more reason to visit the province. 

This beautiful getaway destination is also the ideal home for many, especially for those who are seeking a serene, affordable countryside lifestyle. Amid the pandemic, many are embracing this kind of living, especially among young professionals.

If easy, simple country living is among your lifestyle priorities, include Capiz in your residential address options.

Peace and Quiet in the Province

People looking to settle in the provinces have simple delights. In general, they look for two F’s: fresh air and fresh food. In Capiz, you can definitely find these country living essentials easily accessible.

Fresh air

Capiz boasts not only a relaxing green landscape, but also a proactive reforestation campaign. In 2018, it launched the “One Million Trees in One Day” program, which encouraged residents 12 years old and above to participate in the tree-planting endeavor. Last year, even amid the pandemic, the program continued, with individuals from government agencies and religious groups participating, planting mangroves and upland trees.

With these efforts, fresh air will be an everyday treat for you when you move to this Western Visayas province. Even the modern estate Pueblo de Panay is surrounded by sloping greens. The modern vertical development Twin Hearts Residences located in this township offers condo units in Roxas City, Capiz with 26 to 52 square meters of floor area–enough to accommodate young professionals.

Fresh food

While tourists love the nature spaces in Capiz, the residents have the highest respect for their seas, as these are their sources of food. For instance, the capital of the province, Roxas City, is a leading supplier of prawn and milkfish (bangus). Because of the abundance of marine produce, the city has earned the title Seafood Capital of the Philippines. 

If you settle here, you’ll experience the best of the best feasts every day. On top of that, you can immerse yourself in the practice of aquaculture even in modern townships such as Pueblo de Panay.

The mixed-use estate hosts a massive seafood processing facility. If you’re interested in growing a career in the vibrant aquaculture industry in the province, you might want to consider settling in this township. Most of the top-quality condo units in Roxas City, Capiz are located in Pueblo de Panay. Twin Hearts Residences, for one, feature modern amenities.

Prized Estate Within Reach

Aside from the serene lifestyle, most people go to the provinces to take advantage of lower property prices. In Capiz, you can definitely find affordable homes while maximizing frugal living. 

  • Reasonably priced housing. Even the urban township Pueblo de Panay has budget-friendly residential options. The price of condo units in Twin Hearts Residences, for example, starts at P1.5 million. These affordable condominiums are perfect for yuppies who are striving for financial independence.
  • Budget-conscious living. The strategic location of Twin Hearts Residences allows for more lifestyle savings for future residents. Its proximity to essential establishments cut down transportation expenses. 

In particular, the condo development is near the Integrated Transport Terminal. It’s close to the New Public Market and Robinsons Mall, making shopping errands hassle-free. Schools, restaurants, drugstores, and banks are a short drive away from the residence. On top of that, it’s relatively close to the famous island in the country. To have a condo unit near Boracay, Philippines, that’s the best way to cut down travel expenses, right?

Similarly, workplaces are near Twin Hearts Residences. Pueblo de Panay hosts commercial spaces (not just industrial facilities), which are occupied by different companies from different industries, which means you’ll have a range of career opportunities when you settle in Twin Hearts Residences. For one, Pueblo de Panay hosts ePERFORMAX Center, the only call center hub in Roxas City. It’s indeed the perfect place for professionals who are just starting their careers.

It’s no surprise that countryside living has been an emerging lifestyle amid the pandemic. With the serenity brought by nature spaces, as well as the financial empowerment made possible by communities, provincial areas like Capiz become the top residential choice among young professionals. If you want to know more about Twin Hearts Residences, visit them on Lamudi

LTS No. 06011 
Turnover Date: 2022 
Year Built: 2020


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