5 Things Your Real Estate Agent Wish You Knew

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You think you’ve researched enough and know everything you need, but there are always more things to know especially when it comes to property buying.

Real estate agents help us find the best home that suits our needs. But did you know that there are some things we could do to make things easier for them? This is so they can focus all their energy and attention in helping make this house hunting activity more fun and less of a hassle for us too.

While real estate agents are doing their best to get us what we want, some delays in property buying come up just because both parties did not clearly state their side. So before you proceed with the purchase, here are some of the things your real estate agent wished you knew before buying a property:

If you are in the process of getting a loan, do not resign from your job yet.

Wait for your loan approval first to avoid delays before shifting career. Though a job that pays higher sounds better, right timing is also a critical thing to consider. Changing information as simple as a job title will cancel out your job history information and therefore delay the approval process.

Avoid making huge purchases to ensure a good credit score. Make sure that everything is settled and you have the key before you move forward with another chapter of your life. Some lenders still check the applicant’s credit and employment record/status on the day of closing itself.

To make sure everything goes well for you, physically check out the place.

You finally found your trusted agent but is his meaning of a “peaceful night” the same as your definition? In this case, it is recommended that you come and check out the place in the morning and at night. See if the place shares the same vibes you aspire for your home. You may be eyeing a spot near the convenience store and malls, but you might not like the fact that they often become too crowded which cause heavy traffic and transportation issues.

Some properties might also look nice and good in the pictures or on the outside, but once you check the lights, electricity flow, water supply and the like, you might be surprised of how much you need to renovate or change.

Real estate agents would inform you with details you’d want to know about the property you’re inquiring about, but trusting your own eyes and taste will make you feel more at ease in coming up with a decision. Buying a property is a huge investment. Always be involved and be within reach for other concerns and decision making.

The process of house purchase does not rely on a single person’s decision alone.

What we mean to say is that buying and selling properties will always involve a buyer and a seller. It always follows a process which involves people as well. Not because the buyer came up with a decision to purchase the home means that he/she can get it right away. Though the real estate agents are doing the best they could, a delay in one party will cause delay to the other. This is especially applicable for a family selling a property but is also looking for a replacement.

To avoid this, make sure that the date of availability of the property is clear to all those involved before even undergoing through the process.

Real estate agents are there to help.

Some may feel that all real estate agents’ main agenda is to always earn big. The higher and greater the property they sell, the more commission they get from it. While this is a fact in terms of their job setup, this does not mean that they lose their job’s purpose. Real estate agents will always find a way to work around your budget and concerns if you just ask and consult. This makes their job enriching and valuable. Find someone you can truly trust and be vocal about your concerns so they can help address them.

Buying a property can also be fun.

Though the process is tedious and making a huge decision is stressful, it can also be a fun experience. Take each chance as a learning or discovery process, an opportunity to check out as many homes as you can, and a chance to understand how things in the real estate industry work. Have a reliable team you can always consult to. After all, this life event does not happen every day, might as well enjoy it!

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