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Pet-Friendly Apartment for Rent: What You Need to Know

A pet-friendly apartment is exactly what it sounds like: an apartment community that offers a welcoming environment for companion animals. In general, most properties for rent in the Philippines don’t allow pets in the neighborhood to avoid complaints of noise and animal waste. This is why pet friendly apartments for rent have become a popular niche type of residential community. They provide a suitable home for pet parents, where their dogs, cats, and birds can freely live with them.

Why Rent a Pet-Friendly Apartment?

The best perk you can get from choosing a pet-friendly apartment for rent is living with fellow pet parents. You get to instantly connect with your neighbors or at least have a shared understanding of what it’s like to live with dogs or cats. In the same way, your pets benefit from living in this kind of community since they can interact with other animals as well. When you go to amenities within your neighborhood, it’s an instant playdate for pets.

What to Expect in a Pet-Friendly Apartment for Rent?

Most pet-friendly apartments for rent have amenities designed specifically for the enjoyment of both pet lovers and pets. For instance, some communities have open spaces or parks where dogs can roam freely. Other high-end neighborhoods have a commercial strip hosting different pet services, such as grooming and daycare. By choosing a pet friendly apartment for rent, you’ll have easy access to the best amenities your pets will enjoy.

Aside from excellent facilities, most communities are located near the park of the town or city. Some are close to malls and veterinary clinics, where you can easily access pet essentials and healthcare. As you compare pet-friendly apartments, consider their location with respect to essential establishments. Ideally, you’d want a home that is a walking distance from these businesses.

Do note that not all types of pets are allowed in pet-friendly communities. Landlords have policies on the breed, weight, number of pets allowed, and even vaccination status. Before signing the lease agreement on a neighborhood advertised as “pet-friendly,” it’s best to ask the property manager about the rules and regulations.

How Much is a Pet-Friendly Apartment for Rent?

The exact prices for pet-friendly apartments vary based on the specific location, size, and level of furnishing available. But in general, you’ll find affordable apartments in Metro Manila worth P15K to P25K monthly as of January 2022. These come with 20 to 30 square meters of floor space. Renters have to bring in their own furnishings depending on the unit 

There are also options available for P25K to P40K a month. Offering a bigger space and a few furnishings, they feature 30 to 60 square meters of floor area and some small appliances, such as a microwave or a window-type air conditioning unit.

Take note that some communities require an additional expense that’s supposed to cover property damages that may arise as you live with a pet. Ask the landlord about upfront costs so you can prepare for them before signing the lease agreement.

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