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About the project

Soaring to greater heights

About Charito Heights
Charito Heights  by Alunan Realty Company, Inc. is a socialized and affordable housing  community situated in 31.5 hectares of prime land in Bacolod City. It  boasts of being able to bring to its residents a lifestyle that is free  from the stress and hassle of urban living, while still staying entirely  accessible to numerous key business points. It is a place that would be  lovely to go home to, a house that one would never want to leave from.

Why Charito Heights is a perfect choice for you
The  most apparent benefit of living in Charito Heights is the fact that it  is a completely affordable development. It is cheaper than most and is  therefore lighter on the wallet and easier to sustain as an investment.  Charito Heights is also conveniently located. It is close to the city  and can be accessed through several modes of transportation, including  public commute. Charito Heights is close to Bacolod's main market, the  Burgos Market, so residents will be able to easily buy their daily needs  without having to venture too far from home.

Charito Heights Features and Amenities
Much  like other developments, Charito Heights in Granada, Bacolod City has a  wide array of amenities that all work together to provide its residents  with the best living experience. For social gatherings, small events,  or even meetings, Charito Heights has a multi-purpose hall that can host  groups of people. This can also double as a chapel where the religious  part of the community can meet up and pray. In addition, Charito Heights  also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle through its basketball  courts and swimming pools. Here, families and residents can have fun and  spend some quality moments together.

Special/Highlights Section of the Development
The  thing that sets Charito Heights apart from other developments is its  elevated location. It is located on higher ground, so residents can  enjoy fresher air and a cooler atmosphere. In this way, it is relatively  more quiet and more peaceful than other developments—perfect for rest  and relaxation.

Other Charito Heights Features
Charito Heights  for sale has three house models, Charito 30, Rafael 42, and Maria Rosa  32. They are all specifically designed to maximize utility and provide  the highest level of satisfaction to its residents. These house models  are perfect for new families, couples, or even individuals who want to  make their first investment.

About the location
Bacolod is  the capital city of the Negros Occidental Province. It is known across  the country as the City of Smiles, largely because of its one of a kind  MassKara Festival. This festival is famous for its spectacular display  of mixed dances, colors, and music. The city is also considered the Land  of Sweet People because of its culinary heritage.

About the developer
Alunan  Realty Company, Inc. is the developer responsible for Charito Heights  Granada, Tierra Remedios Kabankalan, and Residencia Royale Granada.

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complex.unit.bedroom_type Floor Area complex.unit.price (PHP) complex.unit.price_per_size
1 room 50 - 50 complex.unit.unit_size_unit ₱ 1,700,000 ₱ 34,000

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Granada, Boljoon

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