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Zamboanga City is known as the “City of Flowers.” It’s now one of the most important cities in the Mindanao region, serving as the Zamboanga Peninsula’s commercial and industrial center. It’s also referred to as the “Sardines Capital of the Philippines” since most of the country’s sardine products hail from the city. Zamboanga is also considered a flagship tourism destination in the Zamboanga Peninsula by the Department of Tourism. As such, buying a lot for sale in Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur province is an ideal investment. The city shares several traditions with Spain including having the same patroness (Our Lady of the Pilar) and a creole language (Chavacano). These similarities led to Zamboanga earning the nickname of “Asia’s Latin City.”


Nearby Establishments


- KCC Mall de Zamboanga

- City Malls


Transportation hubs:

- Zamboanga International Airport

- Port of Zamboanga

- Zamboanga Integrated Transport Terminal


- Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center

- The Brent Hospital and Colleges, Inc.

- West Metro Medical Center



- Ateneo de Zamboanga

- Universidad de Zamboanga

- Western Mindanao State University

- Southern City Colleges

- Pilar College

- Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College

- Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology.




The most affordable lot for sale in Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur is a 47-square meter foreclosed property that sells for Php 36,000. There are also several options for bigger plots of land, and the biggest, at 340,867 square meters, is valued at Php 170.4 million.


Why should homebuyers consider buying lots in this area?


Zamboanga City is a stunning place with blue beaches, tropical flowers, fresh seafood, and colorful vintas. A lot for sale in Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur is more than just a plot of land, it’s also a chance to take part in a historical and multicultural community. The city is a melting pot of different religions, spoken languages, and peoples. Living in Zamboanga is nothing short of an enriching experience.


Investment/Business/Work Opportunities


As the country’s top sardine producer, Zamboanga relies on sardine fishing and processing for 70% of its economy. On top of that, there are also seaweed production plants in the city—together with Cebu and Southern Luzon, Zamboanga City produces most of the global carrageenan supply. The Zamboanga Peninsula and the Sulu Archipelago are popular fishing grounds for commercial fishing vessels. The city also hosts the Zamboanga Freeport Authority (ZFA) where numerous companies operate and employ a large number of people.




  1. Is it possible to pay for a lot for sale in Zamboanga, Zamboanga del Sur in installment terms?

Yes, there are lots that accept installment basis.

  1. What is the minimum size for agricultural land?

There are plots of agricultural land for sale in different sizes. There are also bigger properties that allow you to buy portions of it. A 60-hectare agricultural lot, for example, would require you to buy at least 2.3 hectares.

3. What are the trees and crops can I cultivate on a Zamboanga farm?

The options are nearly endless. Some farms focus on trees like gemilina, carabao mango, and coconut while other properties have jackfruit, marang, star apple, and avocado.