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The Gem of the South

Zamboanga is like any other part of the Philippine archipelago and the whole South-east Asian region when it comes to its foundation as a community. For the most part, migrants and settlers dominated the province and built it into the city it is today. Unsurprisingly, it still retains the welcoming atmosphere, especially for locals and non-residents who want to buy a house and lot for sale in Zamboanga and contribute to its thriving economy. 

The very first group to settle in the area were Subanons, whose name literally translates into “river folks”. They made shelter along the riverbanks and practiced the so-called slash and burn agriculture. Years passed and Muslim settlers coming from as far away as Malaysia landed on Zamboanga del Sur, joining the Subanons in creating communities.

Over time, the Muslims formed groups based on where they hailed from. Each group had diverse skills and ways of living. Maguindanaoans, for instance, were mostly farmers while Tausugs, Badjaos, and Samals had a flair for fishing. Maranaos, on the other hand, were known as traders and artisans.

Zamboanga City has come a long way since being an early settlement, now being a major agricultural player, attracting forward-thinking investors and innovative entrepreneurs who usually opt to settle down in a prime house and lot for sale in Zamboanga to be in the center of the action. More than 80% of its land area is composed of agricultural land, which includes non-forested areas, areas for yearly crops, pasture lands, rice farms, fish ponds, perennial crops, and grasslands.

The city and its overall provinces’ prime crops are corn and palay. It is also a major trader of coconut, as well as bananas and mangoes. Due to the province’s coastal location, Zamboanga City also has a hand in aquaculture.

House and Lot for Sale: Zamboanga City Is Your Address
The city sharing the province’s name is an ideal place to invest in property, given its good economic prospects and its great culture. For aspiring home seekers, there are several options for a house and lot for sale in Zamboanga that suit different budgets.

Among these is a three-bedroom house inside a subdivision located in Barangay Lunzuran. It has two bathrooms and a one-car garage. One major selling point is its accessibility to the Ateneo de Zamboanga and the Putik Business District. It is currently available for PHP 2.7 million.

A larger home in Zambowood featuring four bedrooms and three bathrooms, on the other hand, can be purchased for PHP 3.5 million. The property features a big terrace on the second level, has a spacious master's bedroom, and is already fully-furnished.

A foreclosed house and lot for sale in Zamboanga can also be an option for those looking for an affordable house and lot. These houses are for budget-conscious homeowners who are seeking great deals. For as low as PHP 2 million, you can already have a 185-square meter house sitting on a 380-square meter plot of land in a secure community like Futura Homes Zamboanga.