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Urban Listings
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Unit 10-1 One Global Place 5th Ave. BGC
The rapid growth of the Philippine economy brings the fast growth of businesses and splurge of investors in the country. The demand for the office space is also fast growing. That is what we offer at Urban Listings - we offer companies and investors a whole range of different types of office and commercial spaces to start or to expand their own businesses as the result of the economic growth. Urban Listings offers office and commercial listings wherever the clients finds their businesses will mostly grow. Looking up for different types of spaces takes up huge costs from the startup or expanding businesses. In that way, Urban Listings offer valuable real estate services so that the investors will focus on their businesses and driving up their revenues instead. From a single unit to a whole floor of high valued types of spaces in different locations in Metro Manila especially in the Central Business Districts, we offer them the most suited types of spaces for their own business goals. We are here to help them decide wherever they want to do business. We also offer knowledgeable advice on different real estate news, trends, and services, making our clients equipped and ahead with their industries.
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