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Zen Type House

The trend of minimalist house exteriors and interiors is one that isn't going away anytime soon. Not only is minimalism aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes efficient use of space and balances both form and function. As the Philippines becomes more congested and chaotic, it's no surprise that people want their living spaces to maximize the area it's occupying and reflect a sense of peace and serenity.

A zen type house embodies this philosophy and elevates minimalism to an art form. If you want a visually appealing and contemplative home to retreat to amidst your fast-paced lifestyle, then this type of house has what you're looking for and more. 


What to look for in a zen type house

  • Neutral color palette - The design theory around Zen focuses on light and how to maximize it. A zen type house invites as much natural daylight as possible and compliments this with a neutral color palette to create a clean and relaxing atmosphere. 

  • Versatile spaces - Zen design makes economical use of every inch of available space in a home. A house designed with Zen in mind features multi-tasking furniture, smart open layouts, and multifunctional design and storage features. 

  • Minimalism - The most apparent stylistic marker of a Zen type house is minimalism. Nothing should ever feel unnecessary in a place like this. Everything down to the dimension, colors, size, and shapes of the house should be purposeful and reflect the "less is more" adage. 

  • Connection to nature -  Harmony and interconnectedness with the natural world is a hallmark of Zen philosophy. Nature and greenery are brought indoors, and the house should provide a view of the natural wonders outdoors.


Offer types

There's a zen type house for you no matter your budget or ideal location. Although the property's site has a lot to do with its selling price, the house's size also matters. Affordable houses cost around Php 1,000,000 to Php 6,000,000, have 1 to 2 bedrooms, and are usually less than 120 sq.m. You can find a zen type house in this price range in residential areas in the province or the far north and south of Metro Manila, such as Fairview and Paranaque. 

A mid-budget zen type house costs between Php 7,000,000 to Php 10,000,000. These properties usually have around 3 to 4 bedrooms or are less than 200 sq. m. The most common locations for these structures are in certain areas of Quezon City, Antipolo, Las Pinas, or in more highly-commercialized areas in the province. 

Upscale properties designed in the zen style are located in prime areas like Makati, San Juan, and Pasig, or tourist-heavy sites in the province, such as Cebu City. These properties sell for upwards of Php 11,000,000, with more luxury properties going for as high as Php 900,000,000. They come with more than four bedrooms and premium amenities like a swimming pool or a large balcony. 

Life can feel hectic and fast-paced, especially if you live in the city, but your home can be the perfect getaway from all that chaos. Come home to a sense of peace and tranquility by investing in a zen type house.