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Why Is Tagaytay an Ideal Staycation Destination?

Tagaytay, located in the province of Cavite, is known for its cool climate and splendid view of the Taal Lake, a volcanic crater lake. Sitting in Tagaytay are various restaurants that offer an overlooking view of the Taal Volcano, making it a popular destination for those who want to unwind. One of the most famous destinations in Tagaytay is the Sky Ranch. Tagaytay Sky Ranch is an amusement park with restaurants and rides for kids and adults. One of Tagaytay Sky Ranch’s highlights is the Ferris wheel that offers an excellent view of the Taal Volcano.


People’s Park in the Sky, located on a mountaintop, is another popular tourist destination in Tagaytay. From an incomplete mansion, it was converted into an urban park that provides an excellent overlooking view of Tagaytay City. Due to its scenery and history, People’s Park in the Sky became one of the most frequented attractions in Tagaytay City. 


Another attraction in Tagaytay is the Picnic Grove. Picnic Grove offers recreational activities such as horseback riding and zip lining in a hilltop setting. From the name itself, Picnic Grove offers various picnic spots with an overlooking view of Taal Lake, making it suitable for those who want to enjoy a picnic during their Tagaytay staycation.  If you are planning a Tagaytay staycation, the top locations for accommodations are near Tagaytay Sky Ranch and Picnic Grove.


Properties for Staycation in Tagaytay

The most famous type of accommodation in Tagaytay are condominiums. Tagaytay is a second class city and a known tourist hotspot, which is why the area is packed with establishments. If you plan to have a Tagaytay staycation and want a breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano, it is highly advisable to rent a condominium. One of the most famous accommodations near Tagaytay is the Wind Residences. Wind Residences is a condominium complex along Aguinaldo Highway, near People’s Park in the Sky. Wind Residences offer studio type, one-bedroom, two-bedrooms, and three-bedroom units with modern furnishing, providing a more convenient staycation for clients. Among the amenities in Wind Residences are balconies with an excellent view of the area and an outdoor pool. 


Another notable real estate project in Tagaytay is the Royal Pines Subdivision located in Maharlika West, Tagaytay. Available in Royal Pines Subdivision are mansions and bungalow houses that accept monthly and daily rental agreements, making it an ideal location for transience. 


Average Rental Prices in Tagaytay

Rental cost in Tagaytay may be costly due to the area’s high market value. The standard rental fee for condominiums in Tagaytay starts at PhP 578 per square meter. For daily rentals in a condominium, including full access to amenities, the average price is PhP 2000.  Rental costs for houses vary depending on the amenities. Monthly rental for houses can cost as low as PhP 20,000 up to PhP 150,000. 


Key Considerations

The nearer the property is to tourist spots, the higher the rental fee will be. If you only want to enjoy the weather and ambiance for your Tagaytay staycation and don’t mind being a bit far from the tourist attractions, you may opt to rent a more affordable property situated in a quiet area far from the tourists.