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Rent-To-Own House in Cainta, Rizal: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a rent to own house in Cainta Rizal, you have a wide range of unique properties to choose from. There are homes with 90 to 150 square meters of floor space, perfect for small families and couples. Some properties have five or more bedrooms and floor areas as large as 278 square meters, which are excellent for large families.

The rent-to-own houses in this city are for people looking to live in fringe areas surrounding Metro Manila. Cainta is Rizal’s gateway to Metro Manila, making it one of the most urbanized towns in the province. Whether you’re looking for quality schools or upscale lifestyle malls, you’re sure to find it in Cainta. 

Prices of Rent-To-Own Houses in Cainta, Rizal

The cost of a rent to own house in Cainta Rizal depends on many important factors, like the number of bedrooms, floor size, and land area. Furnishing significantly adds to the price of properties as well.

Properties start at around PhP 15,000 a month. These are usually two-bedroom units with less than 100 square meters of floor space. Some rent-to-own houses can cost upwards of PhP 250,000. Homes at this price point are often luxurious units with more than five bedrooms and floor areas up to 800 square meters.

Available Rent-To-Own Homes

There are about 20 rent-to-own properties in Cainta, Rizal, each with unique features. 

  • Townhomes and row houses are the most affordable options, as they have smaller floor areas and land sizes than detached homes. They’re also quite common. Some townhouses, however, may come with spacious living areas and premium finishes, making them more attractive and valuable than basic detached homes.
  • There are many rent-to-own detached houses in the area as well. These often cost more than their attached and single-attached counterparts because they offer more privacy and space. Detached homes are perfect for growing families, as they’re easy to expand and upgrade as time goes on.
  • Apart from houses, there are also rent-to-own condos in Cainta. These are located in developments like Cambridge Village and Monte Carlo Tower.

Tourist Spots in Cainta, Rizal

There aren’t many attractions in Cainta, but it’s close to tourist spots in other towns. Here are places worth checking out:

  • The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs – Discover one of the oldest records of human history in Angono, Rizal. The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs show 127 different images of animals and humans, which early settlers carved into stone. 
  • Our Lady of Light Parish Church – This church was reconstructed in the late 1960s, but it retains its 1700s charm with its bare brick exterior and tall bell tower. It’s also home to the Our Lady of Light canvas painting by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo. 
  • Marikina River Park – This green space is just a short drive away from Cainta, offering different recreational areas like picnic tables and basketball courts. The park is also popular among cyclists because of its wide-open, car-free roads. 
  • Pinto Art Museum – This famous museum is just a 20-minute drive from Cainta. It features artworks from celebrated artists like Emmanuel Garibay, Geraldine Javier, and Elmer Borlongan. The entrance fee is around PhP 250, although prices may change without prior notice.

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