Rent to Own Apartment in Santa Ana, Manila

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Rent to Own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila, Metro Manila

A rent to own Apartment allows property seekers to begin making payments on a home they want to acquire without immediately securing a mortgage or financing plan. Choosing a rent to own Apartment also protects property seekers from being obligated to make house payments when they are no longer financially capable. Contracts for this type of property have more flexible payment periods, making them ideal for property buyers who want to secure a permanent residence while paying it bit by bit. 

If you want to own a property in %area.name%, but do not have a huge fund to make an outright payment, a rent to own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila is among the most practical options. 

In a rent to own setup, the renter is expected to pay a monthly rent that is slightly higher than the actual market value of the Apartment. A fixed rental rate is offered wherein part of it is a payment for the rent, and the rest is a downpayment for the property. The renter or buyer can either purchase the Apartment during the renting period or finish the renting period and then apply for a house loan. 

A rent to own agreement allows property buyers to secure their desired property while they are still improving their credit score and completing the requirements necessary to qualify for a home loan. However, the disadvantage of this arrangement is that if the tenant decides not to buy the house or fails to pay the monthly rents and is evicted, the down money will be forfeited.

If you are planning to buy a rent to own Apartment and move to a location like %area.name% in Manila, Lamudi has about 46618 listings you can check out. These vary in floor and land area, price, amenities, and more. You can also find other options for a rent to own Apartment in Manila and in other parts of Manila.

What to Expect in a Rent to Own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila, Metro Manila

If you are looking for a new place where you can start afresh, %area.name% is the perfect place for you. Situated in Manila, %area.name% houses various commercial establishments and hospitals that provide residents with a fun and convenient lifestyle. Also in %area.name% are corporate offices and schools near a rent to own Apartment, perfect for job seekers looking for better career opportunities and families raising children.

%area.name% in Manila, Metro Manila also offers plenty of lifestyle destinations, tourist attractions, and natural wonders where you and your loved ones can unwind. With the available public transportation and thoroughfares in %area.name%, you can easily reach Metro Manila’s attractions. 

How Much is a Rent to Own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila, Metro Manila?

If you are interested in buying a rent to own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila, the average price is ₱ 461,621 . A Apartment with leisure amenities such as a swimming pool has a higher market value, making it more expensive. A rent to own Apartment in high-end developments and subdivisions also has a higher rental rate and purchase price. 

Financing Options for a a Rent to Own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila

You can apply for a Pag-IBIG loan or a bank loan while you are still in the renting period. The loan requirements for a rent to own Apartment in %area.name%, Manila are the same as regular residential properties. Before moving into your rent to own Apartment, you might be required to pay for a one or two-month advance and a one-month deposit.