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Hi there , I hope this helps answer most of your questions. the house sits on two lots 1000 neighbours and the floor area is 250 meters. It's in Mayamaya subdivision Nasugbu Batangas next to Tali beach and Punta Fuego (URL HIDDEN) has 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen (Ingredients not included) living room ,dining room, private swimming pool . All rooms have fans and Aircons. We have a staff who can take care of your needs. Regular working hours apply (7am-5pm) if you need them to stay longer please be kind enough to compensate them for their extended efforts. Rates are as follows.Holidays and major of days 25000 thousand (Christmas,New Year,Easter,Labor days,etc) Daily weekdays Sunday-Thursday P18500 Weekend days Friday-Sunday P21000 we offer special rates for 2 and more days Some rates change depending if it of season or not. Holidays rates may vary. Long term rates are negotiable. CHECK IN time is at 2:00pm and CHECK OUT is at 12noon. THIS IS STRICTLY enforced as to not bother the incoming guests. If we don't have guests following you then we might be able to grant a few additional hours. Depends on guest reservations. We can accommodate 12 people comfortably, if you have 4 more people who might join you there is an additional P+-- ---- ---- fee per person per day. Kids under 10 years of age are free of charge. Yayas, cooks and drivers are included in the 12 pax limit. Massage, Mani-Pedi and bangka island hopping is available with notice. All you have to bring is your food, drinks and music. My staff can assist you in cooking and shopping . Also if you would like to have the staff prepare your lunch for your arrival they can do this if you tell them ahead of time what you want to be prepared and for how many. They will present the bill for what they bought for you upon your arrival to be reimbursed. This will be possible ONLY if I don't have guests to clean before your arrival only. Markets for (fresh fruit ,vegetables ,meat ,from ah ,chicken etc )food is only 10 min by car away.we have all the regular stores here also. Savemore, McDonalds,Inisal,Jollibee,Red Ribbon etc. Many beaches are also very close approximately 3-4 min by car. My caretaker can assist you in going to Tali beach for a small fee of P100.00 per person. It is the nicest private beach around. Or you can always use the regular beaches for free. Munting Buhangin, Natipuan, Tali and Calayo beaches are what is available. If you have a good vehicle you may be able to reach close enough to the beach to assist the elderly in. Otherwise we suggest using the pool for less stress. Golfing in Calatagan is open for those who want to golf. 30 min by car No screaming and shouting is permitted. We have to respect the surrounding neighbours who might get disturbed by very loud sounds. This is a rest house after all. Please exercise common courtesy for the surrounding neighbors. The association is very strict about this and if after we are warned they do fine us. The house is perfect for all to enjoy. It's always immaculate and clean. Very safe and guarded community. This house has one rooms which is handicap accessible. The pool also is easy to enter for the elderly. Smoking is permitted outside the house please use ashtrays. Thank you You can text Me at or email or if you want to reserve immediately Pls call Jen my secretary at she is holding the agenda and dose all the bookings thank you. Pls see my page "Casa Amore" or "Expat Philippines Vacation Rentals" and albums to see more pic of the house in side and out . Thanks again BTW : A deposit of P5000 will be required in case there is damage to the plants and foliage in the garden from pets or damage to my kitchen things or loss of household items. A cleaning fee will only be charged if the house is left extremely messy and dirty. Other wise there will be no fee charged This deposit must be paid with the final 50% balance as soon as you arrive. The deposit will be returned before you leave if all is fine and nothing damaged. Due to the large number of people involved pls bring your own towels and toiletries . Getting to Maya maya is very easy if you use neighbours. When you reach MOA please WAZE MayaMaya subdivision and it should lead you to the subdivision very easily. It's should take you less the 2 hours from MOA. IT IMPORTANT THAT 50% DOWNPAYMENT BE REMITTED TO CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION AND A LIST OF NAMES IN YOUR PARTY BE GIVEN SO WE CAN ISSUE YOU AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER PLEASE . Thank you again, Please check with Jen for Availability This is a it about the house . It's absolutely heaven here and a definite necessity when living in manila. It's God sent really I come here every week as long as it's not rented .

Private Beach Resort In Batangas For Rent: We bring your future home to you

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After your online search

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