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Lot For Sale 1,000 Square Meters near New Era University, Lipa City, Batangas

The for sale 1,000 square meter (sqm) has a frontage of 25 meters; and walking distance to the New Era University. The rapid urbanization of Lipa City many significant developments sprouted within the vicinity of the lot like the Jetbest Manufacturing, and Bel Air Residences. Moreover, the said lot is at the back of Sakura Executive Village and walking distance to Corinthian South Phase 4 gate. The establishment of the S&R Lipa, Jollibee Marawoy and Citi Hardware, Jose Rizal College and University of Batangas within the lot's surrounding vicinity resulted to the commercial lots at the Maraouy national highway  priced from P20,000 up to P30,000 per square meter for small lots. Currently, the said lot is price at P7,000 per sqm to reflect the prevailing prices at the national road. As the result of covid 19 new normal, digital marketing prospers due to the new protocol of stay at home and social distancing, Consequently, malls and shopping centers has reduced customers due to door to door delivery of almost any thing from cooked food, groceries, electronics, toys etc; and logistic company likewise exploded creating demand for warehousing facilities One of the highest and best use of the 1,000 sqm lot is  a warehousing facilities for rental since it is accessible to the Bulacnin Tollway Exit and also near the LiMA Tech Park where numerous light industrial manufacturing companies are located For rent apartment complex is another highest and best use of the said property for if a 5 meter wide road is constructed at the middle of the  1,000 sqm lot; two equal subdivided lots with 400 sqm each  will be available for apartment units with 10 meter length. After  allocating a 4 meter parking at the frontage of the 2 lots, the remaining length will be 36 meter long. Constructing a 4 meter front apartment will result to a total  18 apartment units with a floor area of 40 sqm. Lipa City as a highly urbanized urban center, there will be other best uses of the for sale lot We invite risk taker Real Estate investors to visit the site to gauge for themselves the potential of the 1,000 sqm property.  Just advise us a day before lot inspection.