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"The Banilad Place Residences" is a fully furnished studio-type room that has an exclusive space with sixteen (16) rooms only.  The room is bright, clean and properly ventilated that can accommodate up to 2 persons/room.  It is located at Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City and is one of Cebu's most progressive lifestyle district, thus, you're just a few steps away from everything the City has to offer from Business establishments, Universities, Restaurants and Shops.  We guarantee that you'll have a fantastic satisfying stay.   Please see the facilities below: Building Facility: 1. 100% back-up generator 2. Free WIFI  3. Provision for telephone lines 4. Centralized fire alarm systems 5. CCTV Cameras 6. 24/7 security 7. RFID digital access card 8. Individual mail box 9. Share/Common Kitchen Room Features: 1. Multipurpose table (study/working table) with 2 chairs 2. Upholstered cork board 3. Inverter -type air condition 4. Bed and mattresses 5. Clothes cabinet 6. Cable TV 7. Private bathroom with complete accessories 8. Shower glass enclosure 9. Multi-point hot and cold water/shower 10. Refrigerator (optional, rent for Php 300.00/month) The room rate is Php 15,000.00/month excluding water and electricity (each room has individual sub-meter for the water and electricity consumption). We required one (1)month advance and two (2)months security deposit. Period of lease is one (1) year.   Note: We have two (2) studio rooms available as of today .                  For any reservation and clarifications, feel free to contact me Thank you and have a great day! Anne 

Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu: We bring your future home to you

In the old days, property seekers physically scout every location to find out the available Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu. Now, without leaving the safety and comfort of your home, you can find your dream real estate property on the Lamudi website (www.lamudi.com.ph).

Tips in finding a Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu in Cebu online

It can be a bit overwhelming at times to search for properties in Cebu online. To help you with the process of online property-seeking, here is a simple step-by-step process you can follow:

Before starting your online search

Tip 1: Determine the offer, property type, and location you are searching for. As an example, Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu in Cebu. This is usually based on your purpose and/or needs for purchasing or renting a real estate property.

Tip 2: Focus on the location. You can permanently alter the offer type and property type, but the property's location remains untouched. The present and future value of your property often depend on its location. Expect that properties located in prime spots such as Cebu usually cost higher. If you want to score affordable properties in Cebu, you can always go for a developing site such as the ones on the fringes of Cebu.

Tip 3: Don't know which location to choose? Then read up on the neighborhoods in Cebu. Don't limit yourself to the information you can gather online. You can interview family and friends who work or live in the area. If you have the time to spare, you can also visit the neighborhood to get its vibe and see the different Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu choices available.

Tip 4: Set your budget. When choosing a real estate property, it is always best to determine the average prices of Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu. That way, you would know if this type of property suits your budget. Moreover, it will help you determine how much you can allocate to invest in the property. This is also the best time to determine if you will need to secure a Pag-IBIG or bank home loan to finance your property.

Why these tips matter: Doing these simple steps will help you narrow your search for Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu online and therefore save time you spend on searching for a property in Cebu you want to invest in.

During your online search

Tip 5: Search on a reputable real estate website. Lamudi is known as one of the best online market directories for real estate properties in the Philippines. Residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties are listed on the website, providing sellers, buyers, and renters with an easy-to-use platform where various real estate properties are posted.

Tip 6: Visit www.lamudi.com.ph and type in oor select the filters for the property type, offer type, and location you prefer. For example, Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu in Cebu.

Tip 7: Found a Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu in Cebu that interests you? Click on it to find out more about the property. Price, address, photos, financing options, and other details are found on the listing's page. It is best to consider at least three property options during your online search.

Tip 8: Contact the real estate agent. The good thing about Lamudi is that each property has an assigned knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent. The agent's number assigned to the property is found on the website. To know more about the Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu, contact the agent to schedule an appointment.

After your online search

Tip 9: Attend your appointment with your real estate agent. Talk about the Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu, financing options, and the property's potential in the years to come. You can also ask for additional options they think suits your budget and needs.

Tip 10: Visit the property. It is best to check the Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu in Cebu yourself. That way, you can inspect the real condition of the property and its neighborhood. Take note of the repairs that the property might need to have and count the costs as well.

Tip 11: If you think this Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu in Cebu is for you, inform the property seller. Fill in the paperwork and pay the necessary fees, such as down payment.

Keep up to date with the latest available real estate properties in the Philippines by checking Lamudi. For other tips and insights into the Philippines' real estate scene, read the helpful blogs on the Lamudi Journal.

With these steps, you can find your dream Cheap Apartment For Rent In Cebu on Lamudi soon.