Ryan Carlo A. Dela Cruz

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Ryan Carlo A. Dela Cruz
2nd Floor ECCOI Building, St. Anthony Subdivision, Ortigas Avenue Extension
RC, is the Executive Vice-President of Ferden Realty Corporation, a Company which his parents founded in 1999. For more than 19 yrs, Ferden Realty has given an unparalleled service that laid down the foundation for countless families to own their dream home or property. He used to worked with SGV, Philip Morris and ANZ Bank. As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, he always put client's welfare and best interest at the top of his priorities. In this job, he says passion and commitment are important to have a good outcome. Our Company can offer services such as, but not limited to, the following: 1. Project Selling (from Tried, Tested and Trusted developers of homes, lots, condominiums and condotels) 2. Leasing and Property Management Services 3. Property Investment Opportunities 4. Listing and Marketing of your property for Sale 5. Land Survey (by Appointment) 6. Transfer of Title 7. Title Verification 8. Bank Loan Assistance 9. Buying of Rush Properties for Sale 10. Sound Professional Advice for Investment Opportunities 11. Contract Preparation 12. House Repairs and Renovations
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