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10,000 Sq.M.(1 Hectare) Waterfront Lot, Carabao Island

10,000 Sq.M. Waterfront Lot Tropical Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon Ideal for Tropical Island Resort Site Dev'tWater Sports and Recreational Site. Several International Resorts in Operation already on the Island. It's a stone's throw from Ocean Edge Villas and Kuding Kuding resort. If you haven't seen the movie The Blue Lagoon come to see the real BLUE LAGOON in its natural settings. Land located in Brgy. Tipok-pok. Carabao Island ROMBLON sought to be the next BORACAY. A great value for property investment for its promissing and stunning beach and island views. The locals call it Hambil, but the rest of the world refers to it as Carabao Island. Also known as the municipality of San Jose in Romblon, this slice of tropical paradise has been described as Boracay from 30 years ago. Located just roughly half an hour away from Boracay, it’s a beautiful place that is still relatively pristine, and with enough investment and proper environmental planning it could become a must-visit destination in itself instead of an afterthought for travelers going to Boracay. For the longest time, Carabao Island has been like a satellite orbiting Boracay, its fortunes tied tightly to the latter’s tourism industry. Many guests in Boracay often take day tours to Carabao Island, or stay there for a couple of days to enjoy its more serene vibe before heading back to party in Boracay. A lot of the island’s residents also happen to work in Boracay itself. Carabao Island has its own powdery white-sand beaches, coral reefs and spectacular cliffs. Adventurous travelers looking for an adrenaline fix can try its numerous cliff diving sites, while those looking to simply relax can swim in the calm waters of its beaches or sit back and watch the waves crash on the jagged cliffs.