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Featuring a variety of types and sizes of houses for sale, Teresa, Rizal has a home for just about every prospective resident or investor, with foreclosures priced for as little as Php582,000 currently on the market, as well as luxruious two-bedroom homes valued for as much as Php2.7 million.

Established in the 1850s, Teresa, Rizal, then named as "Oroquieta," was a barrio of Morong. It was later named as Santa Rosa when it was annexed by Antipolo in 1917. The town was again renamed after the first quarter of the 1900s after Reyna Teresabanta, precolonial Philippines' only female datu.

The town is a famous resort town. Taking advantage of its mountainous landscape, it was able to develop a unique resort experience from people of the metro and nearby provinces. Some of the known resorts are Villa Sampaguita Resort and Real Cove Resort.

Teresa earns around P85 million annually. Small compared to the larger and richer towns of the province but its economy is very diverse: from manufacturing (cement and minerals), agro-industry (livestock and poultry), and small and medium enterprises (retail stores, resotrs, and commercial businesses).


House and lot for sale in Teresa: Towards a balanced lifestyle

altTeresa is a small town inhabited by 57,755 people. It sits at the lower slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains and borders with Antipolo City to the north, Tanay to the east, Angono to the west, and Morong to the south.

ParagEconomically diverse, it is not crowded or over occupied like many similar towns in and around the province. Blame it to its well-managed population. At over 50,000, expect to hear the chirping birds more than the honking cars. aph2

What is even more interesting about the town is how quietly it is raking in the real estate demand overflowing from the metro. Starting from the 1990s with the population surge, the town began building subdivisions in Bagumbayan, San Gabriel, and Dalig. Bagumbayan has experienced the most development due to its altitude and greener surroundings. But Dulumbayan seems to be the core of development projects. Other barangays like Prinza and May-Iba are becoming real estate development hotspots too.


Buying a home in Teresa

 A house and lot for sale in Teresa is very affordable. Most are priced between Php1 to Php5 million, and most of them are in Dulumbayan. But one can find the occasional Php500,000 or Php750,000 home like the ones closer to Antipolo. One home at Php750,000 is only 47 square meters but the features are worth more than the bargain. Located in a subdivision, this two-story house has three bedrooms, a toilet and bath, and a car garage. Subdivision amenities include a clubhouse, basketball court, main gate, perimeter fence, centralized water system, and concrete roads and alleys. This subdivision house is the normal model one can find when looking for homes costing around P1 million.

As with the typical Teresa homes for sale, a Php1 million home is already a great find. One bungalow house in May-Iba is a stunner with its very modern exterior. It has one bedroom, one toilet and bath, and a carport. The home's contemporary design looks expensive but the price does not say so. For homes double the price of the May-Iba house, they can be found largely in Bagumbayan, one of the first places in the town to experience the real estate boom in the 90s. At 46 square meters in size, a Php2 million Bagumbayan townhouse not only gets the most on-the-ready fixtures but also the perfect location in the middle of Teresa. The toilet and bath, living, dining, and kitchen areas are standard, but the extra space at the back of the house is a bonus for many other activities, from laundry to, maybe, creating a new garden.

Homes above Php2 million are few and far between with usual locations to find them are Dulumbayan and Bagumbayan. These areas have more mature developments, being able to adapt with increasing demand from both town and out-of-town dwellers. A Php3.3 million home in Dulumbayan has two bedrooms neatly placed in a not-so-spacious 60 square-meter home. The location of the house, along an important road link to Antipolo's city center and towards Ortigas, is its biggest sell. Amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, a covered basketball court, a playground, bike trails, gardens, and jogging paths.